Week in Review

Week in Review 9/20/19

It’s been a full week of backyard restaurant openings, hopscotch and birthday cake.


A Kinda Sad (But Also Happy) 1st Birthday

I know birthdays are supposed to be happy, but I couldn’t help feel a little sad about Delta’s 1st birthday last week. This beautiful blue-eyed girl is our last baby. I know from experience how fast it goes by. So I thought I could slow down and enjoy this time more. It still feels like… Continue reading A Kinda Sad (But Also Happy) 1st Birthday


My middle child was getting overlooked.

As the middle child myself, when I was younger, I didn’t feel like there was anything special about me and my role in our family. I wasn’t the oldest. I wasn’t the youngest. I wasn’t the only boy or the only girl. I was just there. I was there in the middle, with nothing innately… Continue reading My middle child was getting overlooked.

Food · Meaty Main Dishes

Chili Cheese Enchiladas

What can I say about this recipe? Well, I can eat an entire pan of these in one sitting. No joke. I have to stop myself from moving on to the second pan. There is a little bit of work to assemble, but it’s well worth it. I promise. Chili Cheese Enchiladas Ingredients – 4 cups… Continue reading Chili Cheese Enchiladas