Week in Review

Week in Review 8/17/18

I’ve had a busy week getting the kids’ school started. Read about in the the Week in Review. How about you? Did you run the back to school marathon this week or do anything else?


The 3rd Trimester Marathon

Adios 1st trimester and 2nd trimester. We’re getting close now! Welllll . . .I mean technically it’s close. When you are “in” the 3rd trimester though time takes on a different meaning. Like every day actually feels like a week, maybe longer depending on the day. It’s not even noon yet, and I’ve peed at… Continue reading The 3rd Trimester Marathon


It’s Been a Hard Pregnancy, But. . .

I was in decent shape and in great health when I found out I was pregnant with our third baby. Naively, I thought this would make for an easy pregnancy. I know it could be worse, but I have struggled – and struggled hard – this time around. I was sick well into my second… Continue reading It’s Been a Hard Pregnancy, But. . .

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Making Italian Subs at Home

This pregnancy has messed with my appetite so much that my recipe posts have become pretty much nonexistent. But don’t fear! I am here to finally share one, an easy summer meal. For awhile my husband and I were on the search for the perfect Italian sub. Seems easy right? Wrong. After ordering out we… Continue reading Making Italian Subs at Home