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4 Reasons Why Sunday is the Worst Day for Restaurant Servers

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I understand some people think tipping is a way for restaurants to pass off labor costs to patrons. While I do not disagree with that, I also think as long as servers are working primarily for tips, then we should tip fairly when eating at restaurants that have servers. I got my first job the week I turned 16 at Ken’s Pizza and then supported myself through college while waiting tables off and on. I can tell you with confidence Sunday is the worst day for restaurant servers. Here’s why.


  • Big Parties with Split Checks

Of course families want to eat together after church, and many times several families will go out to eat together. It is more time consuming to wait on bigger tables. It takes longer to get drinks to the table. It takes longer to take the orders. It takes longer to get the orders to the kitchen. It just takes longer.

On Sundays there are multiple big tables being waited on at the same time. Then all of those tables are ready to pay, and you have 30 people on 7 different checks to cash out. It’s busy and crazy.


  • More kids = more messes

Of course kids are a part of the post church meal, and they should be. When those big tables leave it looks like a war zone though. I am not talking about what needs to be bused on the table. I am talking about the floor. I am talking about crayons and food and drinks and other crazy things like dirty diapers. These things do not just get dropped but smashed into the floor.

I have kids. So I know how they are. I also have them pick up after themselves, or I will if they aren’t able.


  • Treatment

You know how I mentioned big tables take more time? Well when people at those big tables get hungry, they can get cranky. I think one of the times I was most shocked was when a youth leader was screaming and demanding we make space for him and his youth group to be sat immediately when there was a wait list. What an example that must have set for the kids in his group.


  • The Tips

I am just going to say this honestly. If you really and truly believe that you are not going to tip more than 10% because that is how much you gave to the church before you came to the restaurant, then you need to stay at home or give more to the church. Also an option is to go somewhere that has counter service or a drive thru.

I do not think God would want a hardworking single mom or poor student or someone trying to make their rent to get stiffed over and over and over again. Now if you have bad service (not where your food is taking a long time, but service that your server can control), yes tip accordingly. Many Sundays I was teary because the cash in my pocket did not reflect how hard I worked, AND I was treated poorly.


I realize big groups, split checks, kids making messes, people being cranky, and not getting tipped well are all part of the job. But Sundays have all four of these things all shift long. I think it would be nice if Christians would make Sundays the best days for servers to work. How inspiring would it be and a great way to testify if servers did not dread working Sundays because those they waited on were so nice and generous?



22 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Sunday is the Worst Day for Restaurant Servers

  1. This came from the heart. When we go out to eat on Sunday, I top between 10 and 20%. I tip according to the service and how friendly the server is. There is the rear occasion that no tip is left. There is one other factor, I also tip according to how much I can afford.

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  2. Reblogged this on BigandPinkyToes and commented:

    I thought this would be an appropriate post to reblog since Sunday is a holiday and restaurants will be busy. Please remember if you are out eating that those working to serve you probably have kids or mother figures that they’d rather be spending their time with. Be kind and patient and tip well if it is deserved. And to all you mammas, have a beautiful and happy Mother’s Day weekend.


  3. As a former server, I completely agree with this post. I don’t think most people realize that when you go out to eat, your bill is meant to be for the cost of your food alone. Restaurant owners cannot afford to pay a wait staff a decent wage AND keep the price of food reasonable so the customer is expected to cover the cost of being “served”. If you want to receive the food AND have it served to you by somebody waiting on you hand and foot, you need to pay for that. Tipping is paying for a service….not just handing out charity to people you feel sorry for. If you can’t afford to pay for the service of having somebody serve your food to you, then you should stick to restaurants that offer carry out as an option and take your food home and serve it to yourself.

    On a side not, I was a server/bartender for many years in my younger days. I would NEVER have done that job without tips. Not in a million years. Tips are the only thing that make it worth it to be treated like crap and cater to and clean up after people and put up with everything that goes along with that job.

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  4. After church, a lot of people go to Culvers after Church. We order our food at the counter, then receive a number to place on our table for the server to bring our food to the table. We make a line of tables, stretching from one end to the other, at the restaurant, but at least most people do place the tables back where they belong. I’ve never seen anyone tip a server there – at a fast-food restaurant. Too sad. But we have many servers and it would be very difficult to tip a particular one. Recently, myself and four other women went out to a restaurant, to treat an old friend who was visiting from South Dakota. It was all put on one check, and we tipped way more than most, then worried among ourselves about how much each of us was to pay. Our server was well tipped.

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    1. We don’t have Culvers here, but I bet if they have counter service that the workers are paid an hourly wage that’s not as low as servers maybe?
      That’s awesome. You totally made that servers day 🙂


  5. This is so spot on! I am a former server too (From the UK) and it is pretty much the same over here! Sundays were always a nightmare for me and there would always be less staff on the floor so more tables for me to serve at once!

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    1. Thanks Rhonda. I just feel like small kids don’t know the difference from eating at home or at a restaurant. If they get to do it in one place they’ll learn they can just do it anywhere.


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