Train Valentines

My son started Pre-K this semester. Like any parent I was worried how he would do. He has loves it though, and I love watching him love it. Here he is after his first day crying  saying, ‘More school! More school!’ Needless to say, we are both really excited about his first ever class party.

first day of school

We made train valentines. I will say that we only had to make 8. So this could very well be the first and last time that happens.

I laid one of his toy trains on construction paper and traced a cutout to use. Really the shape is a squatty block L on its side with a few circles for the window and wheels. So if you don’t have a train to trace, it wouldn’t be hard to freehand.

toy train

After we had the trains cut out, my son painted them. As we let them dry we cut out 8 small circles and folded 8 pieces of construction paper in half.

When the trains were dry we glued them to the front of the folded construction paper. Then we glued a circle to each train for the window. We taped two mint patties on for wheels. On each valentine above the train I  wrote each student and teacher’s name.

single train

We probably could have gotten more creative with the inside, but we were both tired by then. With a sharpie I wrote ‘Lincoln is rolling in to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!’

inside valentine

I hope the kids in his class like them. Also my son really liked the finished product AND he liked making these. He lined all the train cutouts out on the table and played with before, during , and after painting them. Here’s to a good first class party!

group valentine




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