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You know you are getting old when ….


You know you are getting old when ….

  • You get your tax return money and have to do something not fun with it, like buy new tires or have your air conditioner serviced.
  • You make an Ed McMahon reference and none of your co-workers know who you’re talking about.
  • You then should have known better but make a reference about the movie Cry Baby. Of course none of your co-workers know what you are talking about. (Awww that would have killed with the right audience!)
  • You are now closer to Angela’s mom age instead of Angela from My So-Called Life (courtesy of my friend Miranda who I think might have had ‘a moment’ when she realized this.)
  • You had a myspace account.
  • You have a night out you are home by 10, if you can make it that long, instead of leaving home at 10.
  • The above is true only if you actually make it out. With a night off wouldn’t you rather catch up on sleep and Netflix?
  • You are excited about getting a new vacuum.
  • You are excited enough about your new vacuum to tell other people about your new vacuum.

Do you have any moments to add to the list?

12 thoughts on “You know you are getting old when ….

  1. I’ve gotten some good responses on social media of items to add that I liked:

    You are closer to your co-workers’ moms age than your coworkers.

    Your coworkers don’t know who Peter Gabriel or David Bowie are.

    You go to the grocery store on a weekend night and don’t even care.


  2. Some more from social media

    When with benefits means dental at your job instead of friends with.

    When someone’s butt you used to wipe is now bigger than you.

    When your hair lady tells you you have greys.


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