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Bacon Buffalo Cheese Burger with Pesto Mayo

Looking for something fantastic to make this weekend? May I suggest a 100% satisfying and delicious bacon buffalo cheese burger with pesto mayo? I came home last night and my husband had this little gem ready for dinner. The burger and my husband are both pretty awesome.

Buffalo Burger

My mother in law lives about an hour and a half away, and when she comes to visit she is usually bearing groceries. I forgot to ask her where she got the buffalo meat. I know I haven’t seen any at the grocery store, but I have seen it at our local meat market, . If you know of a place, by all means share this information please.

Since I start my work day early I eat my lunch early. Then I eat dinner early, like old people early bird special early. Usually since I eat dinner early I need a snack to get me by in the evening. Not last night though. I am still full this morning from my early buffalo burger dinner last night.

I like buffalo because it doesn’t have a gamey flavor and is super lean. Buffalo can be used in place of ground beef in most recipes, but because it is leaner it is also easier to be overcooked and dried out. Adjust any beef recipes by cooking at lower and slower temperatures.

While the buffalo was amazing, pesto mayo might be my new obsession. I’m thinking of adding it to everything. He just mixed 1 part mayo and 1 part pesto. This time we had a jar of store bought pesto in the fridge. We do grow our own basil and make pesto from it when the weather is nicer though. That’ll just be a post for you to look forward to later. Oh, we were out of lettuce, tomato, and onion, but if you have some it would be a good addition.

Pesto Mayo


Bacon Buffalo Burgers with pesto mayo

1 lb ground buffalo meat

4 buns (We used onion buns.)

4 stips cooked bacon

4 slices provolone or other cheese

¼ cup mayo

¼ cup pesto

Form the meat into 4 equal patties. Salt and pepper each side. Fry in heated greased pan over low-medium heat until burgers are cooked, about 6-7 minutes per side.

In a small bowl mix the mayo and pesto.

Build your burger!


9 thoughts on “Bacon Buffalo Cheese Burger with Pesto Mayo

    1. I love that idea. We do lettuce wraps a lot too. With the buffalo I think it would still be really filling.

      Wow! Thank you so so much! I love your questions. I’ll be able to answer them first thing Monday. Thank you.


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