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I cooked for 4 hours, and then I had a leftover fast food burrito for dinner.

On the weekends I try to cook extra to make weeknight cooking a little easier. One day last weekend I decided to do a few simple but time consuming things. I made a pot of white beans and boiled a chicken. Using the beans and chicken and stock from the chicken I made soup. I intentionally had extra beans and chicken because I wanted to have the leftovers on hand to make stuff throughout the week with, like salads and quesadillas. The soup turned out okay but not great. So I made a batch of really good cornbread to go with it.

Also, our neighbors recently had a baby. I’d been meaning to take them some food for several weeks, but not everyone in our house has been healthy enough for me to dare bring them anything. I had already planned on bringing them a quiche and soup. Since my soup was just so-so though I whipped up a batch of broccoli cheddar to take over.

Not one thing was hard, but it all took way longer than I thought it would. Also  I was a dummy and added a few things to make. After the chicken, beans, 2 soups, quiche, and cornbread I had been looking at this food for so long, and I was getting so tired that it did not look appealing to me AT ALL. I know that may sound so spoiled and whiney. Poor me. I am fortunate enough to have some time and food to cook, and now I don’t want to eat any of it. I just couldn’t though. I kind of hated that food by the time I was finished cooking it.

It was like making a huge trip to the grocery store. One of the those trips where you won’t be back for a while and the kids are with you. So you’re at the store for a long time, and then it takes forever to check out. By the end of it everyone is getting hungry. So instead of going home and unloading the groceries and cooking something from the plethora of choices you now have in your trunk, you get take out. Does anybody else do that?

Anyway, I couldn’t bring myself to eat this food. We had Taco Bueno two nights before and put a leftover burrito in the fridge in case one of the kids got hungry again later that night. They didn’t get hungry later, and we forgot about the burrito. I know it sounds disgusting. I heated that 2 day old fast food burrito up, and it tasted damn good.

My husband and the kids did eat the soup and cornbread for dinner. I just needed some time apart from my food. By the next day my aversion had been cured, and I ate it for lunch all the next week.

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