What are your Easter traditions?

Since my kids are only 1 and 3 we haven’t had too many opportunities to create our own Easter traditions. So far the consistent thing has been me making a carrot cake to eat the day before while we dye eggs. We also go to church of course. I think I’m going to keep it simple and stick with that: carrot cake, dying eggs, and church. Last year was a lot of fun and very low stress. Also that way Easter Sunday can be fluid on where and who we spend it with.


Last year for the egg dying and cake eating we had some cousins and grandparents over. Nothing fancy, just food dye in plastic cups and hard-boiled eggs. I think everyone had a great time though.The weather was perfect so we set up outside.

family dying eggsdying eggs

Here was my son’s method.


Here is the link to the carrot cake. We had 5 adults and 6 kids. Not a crumb was left.


I wanted a really great family picture. Of course out of like a hundred shots not all of us could look at the camera at the same time. .


Easter Family Pic

The church had a backdrop set up, and this is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter.

Riley's 1st Easter


After church we just had a simple Sunday dinner with ham steak, mashed potatoes, and veggies. The kids kind of looked for their eggs. I think my son is old enough this year to have more fun with that part. They have so much stuff that their Easter baskets were really simple too with a little bit of candy and sidewalk chalk. Like I said, even though everything was simple, it was low stress and a lot of fun.


What are your family’s Easter traditions?

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