Autism Awareness Month

This is my dear friend. I encourage you to read this wonderful post and follow her blog. You won’t be sorry.

Real Life Autism

April is autism awareness month. Im going to be real honest here, and tell you I think this is silly. At this point, everyone is pretty aware of autism. A handful of shows feature characters with autism, it’s in the news, and most everyone I know knows someone with autism. Well, i guess 100% of people *I* know knows someone with autism, but I digress…

Maybe Im being a total curmudgeon about it because we are going through a rough patch. The patches of autism that you dont see on TV and that arent happy and embraced and plastered on awareness posters. We (yes, WE, all of us as a family) are feeling the poopy parts of Aidens stress and anxiety that comes with the diagnosis. We hear it on a daily basis  in screams, whining, wails, growls, and sobs. we see it in his tired eyes even when he’s…

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