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Why I think it was Eugene on the Walking Dead finale

Spoiler Alert- Do not read if you have not watched the season finale of Walking Dead!

I know that it was someone else in the comics, but here is why I think Eugene is the one Negan kills in the season 6 finale.


Eugene had his goodbyes in this episode.

When Eugene offered to take the RV as a decoy for the others to carry Maggie to get help on foot, it created an opportunity for him to say goodbye. Before Eugene left he and Abraham finally reconciled, neatly tying up a loose end with Eugene finally got Abraham’s approval.


Eugene gave his plans to Rick.

Eugene assumed he would not be returning and gave his plans for making bullets to Rick. Now the group can carry out the work without him.


Negan says “Taking it like a champ.”

Negan says “Taking it like a champ” to the person that was picked. I think that it would make sense if he were talking to Eugene. Eugene has tried so hard this season to prove he has learned to carry his own weight, and this way he dies without being the coward that everyone thought he once was.

Also, just some added thoughts on the finale, Negan was cast perfectly. As much as I don’t want anything bad to happen to the group, Rick has really gotten on my nerves this season. He needed to be taken down a peg. If anything ever happens to Judith, I’ll probably just quit watching.


So who do you think it was?


9 thoughts on “Why I think it was Eugene on the Walking Dead finale

  1. I actually agree with you. My top 2 picks are Eugene and Glenn, but I’m slightly in denial about Glenn. Oh who am I kidding. I’m slightly in denial that Negan didn’t just kill the cameraman and be done with it. >_<

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