We’re kinda professionals at having awesome weekends.

My Sunday night/Monday morning blues are not as bad since my newer job has my commute time cut in half and is way less stressful. I don’t know if it will totally ever go away because leaving my family can down right suck. We had a great weekend though.

Our friends invited us over for cauliflower pizza crust pizza and a play date. This was great because 1) the pizza was amazing and 2) there’s been some things we’ve been working on with our son that he did great with during the play date.

I didn’t help make the crust for the pizza, but I can tell you that you need to save this flavor combo to try. My friend used Alfredo as the sauce and added garlic and bacon to the pizza. Then after it was finished cooking we topped it with thinly sliced red pear, goat cheese, and drizzles of good quality balsamic. It may have ruined me from all other pizzas.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Since it was rainy we had a lot of time to cook, cuddle, read, and watch some TV. We’ve been watching the British version of The IT Crowd on Netflix, and I’ve been reading The Night Circus (I recommend both). The IT Crowd is like watching my exact sense of humor play back to me and kind of reminds me of my work. The Night Circus has been the kind of book where I have to force myself to put it down instead of reading “just one more chapter”. I’ve actually read it before. It was several years ago though and good enough to read again. The kids have been watching Caillou and Ryan’s Toy Review clips on youtube.

Popcorn in Daddy's Chair

I posted about how we have been prepping the garden. I got a lot of helpful feedback about ways to get the kids involved without them pulling up everything that tries to grow. I got the kids some little gardening tools and water cans. I told them when it stopped raining we would set them up with a corner of the yard to garden in. I was meaning like next weekend. They took me literally. So in between rains, we went out and got muddy.

My Little Gardener

I hope your weekend was as good as ours was. Feel free to tell me about how yours was.

Have a great week!

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