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Day 3 of the 3 day quote challenge

Well I’m on day 3 of 3 of the quote challenge. I want to thank  Proud to be Step for the nomination. It’s been something fun and different to post about this week.

On other peoples quote challenge posts I’ve seen themes, multiple quotes, essays written inspired by the quotes. I’ve really enjoyed reading them! Mine quote posts have been pretty singular, but not because I wasn’t thoughtful about it. The three that I’ve chosen have always stuck with me and I feel speak for themselves.

Here are the first 2 days quotes if you’d like to check them out:

Quote challenge day 1 of 3

Quote Challenge Day 2 of 3


This is how I feel about my sister.


The Rules:


My nominees for today if you choose to accept your mission:

Coffee Book Bean

A Kinder Way

Sincerely Faye


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