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Gardening Corner for the Kids

In my post Prepping the Garden you all gave some really helpful advice on how to keep my kiddos engaged with gardening while trying to keep them from pulling up everything that grows. This weekend we dedicated a corner of the yard to them for gardening. This is where they can dig and pull and plant all they want.

I started by letting my son pick out the seeds. I would have let my daughter help with this too but she was sleeping. I was surprised by how thoughtful he was in choosing. He picked out some beans, peppers, wildflowers, sun flowers and chives. He thought the picture for the chives looked like “beanstunks” from Jack and the Beanstalk.

Seed packets

I wanted to clear out the grass for their corner, but after we had all of our supplies they were too excited to wait. So I pulled out some old pots I wasn’t using instead. I got them two little watering cans, some small gardening tools, and a big bag of potting soil.


Instead of a trellis for the beans, we used old okra stalks for them to grow up. They planted the flower seeds in spots of their corner and the veggies and chives in the pots.

Okra stalks for beans

It’s not fancy, but so far they are loving it.


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