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Reblog: Top 10 Fictional Locations

My #1 would be Hogwarts or Middle Earth, but I LOVE this post idea.

The Rose Quartz

I really can’t help it, but I am forever living vicariously through the interesting lives of characters from my favourite books, games, TV shows and movies. As much as I enjoy my lovely little life, immersing yourself into your favourite fictional location is just an incredible place to be. Writing about your favourite fictional locations is a close second.

Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One

Fun fact: originally, this was supposed to be a “Top 5” post. After fangirling hard, I ended up with way too many choices and I found the narrowing down process completely impossible. I just love them all! I have such a varied taste too, and that makes a post like this so much more exciting to write.

As always, I hope you enjoy!


10. Kingdom of Far Far Away:

Kingdom of Far Far Away Shrek

I’m a princess (well, that’s what my fiancé always tells me so it must be true). Obviously, a princess needs a castle…

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