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Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My husband has been picking up wonderfully delicious loaves of artisan bread. It’s gotten my culinary wheels turning.  I realize that in my last food post Baked Salmon Patties I talked about how I am trying to loose the last of my baby weight. While that is still happening, I’ve fallen in love with this sandwich. It’s about 450 calories according to my LoseIt app. So on days that I’ve indulged in this delight, I’ll have a salad or something else light for dinner. It’s all about balance right?

I was skeptical about adding the spicy mustard, but the flavor combination of it with the meat and olive and cheese is cohesive. While I was satisfied with the flavors the first time I made this, the  salami and pepperoni pieces kept coming out of the sandwich in whole pieces instead of in bites. The next time I made it I sliced the salami and pepperoni, and that worked perfectly.

Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich

2 pieces of sliced Italian bread

1/2-1 Tbls of spicy brown mustard

2 Tbls chopped black olives

1/4 cup of shredded cheese (I used an Italian cheese mix combo)

2 pieces of salami sliced

5 pieces of pepperoni sliced

1/2-1 Tbls Butter


On one side coat the pieces of bread in butter, and on the other coat with spicy brown mustard.

Build the sandwich by placing the buttered sides of the bread out. In between the slices place the olives, cheeses, and meats.

Heat skillet over medium heat. Cook sandwich on each side until golden brown. When turning the sandwich over, do it slowly and carefully so the filling does not come out.

















18 thoughts on “Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  1. This looks DELICIOUS.

    I need to try it. Right now, I’m dealing with super toddler pickiness… My four year old doesn’t want to eat ANYTHING but cereal and crackers. So I need to experiment with new recipes and this one looks great.


      1. Yes!!! My 4 year old used to eat salads, veggies, beans… Now she doesn’t like ANYTHING.

        She won’t even eat “normal” kid foods, like string cheese, fish sticks, or chicken nuggets. I made her a grilled cheese and ham sandwich and she wouldn’t eat it because of the ham.

        It’s driving me crazy because I don’t want her eating nothing but flour all day. She hates meat so much that I’m considering trying vegetarian recipes to at least feed her balanced meals.

        Not the two year old, though. She has no problem tearing into food. So weird.


      2. . He won’t even eat the kids vitamins that look and taste like candy!

        I wonder if the meat thing is common for this age because mine won’t eat it either. If you find anything that she will eat, for the love of god share it with me please.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Really?? My kids will eat those. I’ve never heard of a kid not eating those!

        We get the gummy bear style of vitamins. Have you tried those?

        Maybe so- maybe they’ll grow out of it. She won’t eat corn dogs, steak, sausage, and BACON. Who won’t eat bacon??

        Sometimes she will eat salami slices. Not on a pizza but by themselves. That’s the best we can do right now, haha


      4. Yeah it’s the gummy kind. Crazy huh? We are thinking about trying liquid vitamins.
        Well of course the salami has to be sliced just right at a certain time on a certain day of the week before she’ll eat it. Sheesh mom. . . I’m hoping this is just phase. A short phase.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Man, that’s rough! I didn’t know it was possible for kids to refuse gummy vitamins.

        It’s bad enough here that I plan to eat through all of our cereal, graham crackers, goldfish crackers and bread then not buy any more into my kids get HUNGRY enough to eat something else 🙂

        I’ll probably blog about how this experiment goes, haha. Good luck with yours too

        Liked by 1 person

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