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Gilmore Girls Revival: What about Team Logan and Team Christopher?

With the upcoming Netflix revival of The Gilmore Girls comes non-stop chatter about Rory and Lorelai’s love life. Everyone is Team Dean or Team Jess and Team Luke., and I am over here like, “What about Team Logan and Team Christopher?”

Let’s start with Rory’s love life. While Dean was lovingly devoted to her, he was her high school sweetheart. That is where he should stay. Do you really think Rory Gilmore of all people would end up with someone that she had an affair with? I don’t.

While Jess obviously cared for Rory, he was her bad boy phase. That is where he should stay, as just a phase. Rory saw that there was more to Jess than just his image, but he was also pretty disrespectful to her. Making her feel think he was upset about not having sex? Leaving town for good without telling her?! Not cool. He did get his act together by the end of the series, but by then I think their worlds were too different to be compatible.

I am also going to throw Marty into the mix here just because people keep mentioning him as someone she could have been great with. I say no way. Beside the fact that he put her in a position to lie to her friend about not knowing him, which is totally weird, there was just zero chemistry.

I know Logan started as a spoiled womanizer, but his character evolved. In the end he really did love Rory. He wasn’t afraid to challenge her when she wrote something he didn’t like or had a conflicting point of view. He supported her in her professional and personal life. He also has got the whole status thing going for him. Rory would not necessarily care, but that would certainly please Emily. Logan is obviously the best choice. So I ask, where has all the Team Logan love been?

Let’s move onto Lorelai. I like Luke. I really do. He holds his own with Lorelai and genuinely cares about Rory. Christopher though, he seems like the natural choice. He is Rory’s dad. Emily and Richard approve of him. Lorelai loves him. He can hold his own too, and he can do it way less grumpy than Luke can. Most of Lorelai and Christopher’s problem the entire series was just bad timing.

Even though I am Team Logan and Team Christopher, I do not think either will be victors. It is far more likely that Rory will not end up with her high school sweetheart, bad boy, or college sweetheart. She has gone into the world and probably has meet someone new. Or not. She is still young and does not have to end up with anybody. Since Christopher and Lorelai were already married, I think that ship has sailed for good.  Even so, I am still totally Team Logan and Team Christopher.

Who are you rooting for?

14 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Revival: What about Team Logan and Team Christopher?

  1. I’m very excited about this. Desperately hoping they are on uk and us Netflix. Haven’t heard either way. I’m team Logan too! But probably team Luke…


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