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The epically awesome award?!?! Epic awesomeness?!?! Whoa

I want to thank  Rosie over at Hookup Culture for nominating me for this brilliantly titled award. I can’t seem to stop using “awesome” when speaking or in my writing. I’m sure one of my comments on your blog or facebook posts included “awesome”. So while I’m not saying I deserve this award because of my blog, it is pretty awesome that I get the epically awesome award since I can’t stop using the word awesome.

Anywho. . . I love following Rosie’s blog. While I am old and married, she is young and dating. Her posts are insightful and thoughtful and entertaining. I encourage you to hop on over to check it out and even follow her. Thanks again Rosie. You’re awesome, Girl!



Display the Award in your post, mention your nominator, link back to them, answer 5 questions and nominate 5-10 people.



1. What made you choose WP as your blogging platform?

I read a few articles about blogging platforms, and wordpress was the most recommended.

2. Introduce yourself and tell us about your blog?

Well my name is Lacey. I am a working mom and wife who writes about food, family, and other good stuff. Bigandpinkytoes was the username for my very first email account about 18 years ago. I still have it actually. It seems to make people laugh. So I thought I would make it the name of my blog too.

3. Are you a once in a while blogger or a daily one?

I am a newbie blogger and made a goal for myself to post at least twice a week for a year. I’m about 5 months in and so far so good.

4. Do you wish to publish and if so, what type of book?

I am working on a cookbook now with the intention to self publish. Stay tuned!

5. What is your favorite thing to do besides write?

Hanging out with my goofy kids and husband is by far my favorite thing. I also like to cook, work in the yard, read, sleep, eat, and watch movies or really good TV shows.


Nominees – if you don’t do awards that’s totally okay! I just want to share some blog love because I enjoy yours 🙂 

The Jouska – Mindless conversations being played out in one’s head. . .

What’s for Dinner Moms? – A Disney enthusiast putting a different meal each night on the table for her family.

Tony Meets Meat – The man is a creative genius when it comes to grilling, smoking, cooking with meat. Seriously, it’s fun to see what he comes up with.

Pantry Portfolio – A cheese lover who makes beautiful food.

Dana Ellington, MAPW – A writing, a coach, a human constructionist working to build herself and others up.



16 thoughts on “The epically awesome award?!?! Epic awesomeness?!?! Whoa

  1. Nice! Thanks for the great shout out Lacey! I would like to respectfully decline though. I did one “award” thing when I first started my blog and it just took way too much time and I decided then that I would not participate in any more for my own sanity. I am so glad that you enjoy my craziness though. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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  2. Thank you so much!! I decided a few months ago that I wasn’t going to follow all of the official rules with these. BUT – I will use it as inspiration for an upcoming post. I can’t wait to check out all of these new blogs. –Deb

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