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UPDATED: I’m sorry if a bunch of my posts end up on your feed.

Okay so I added drop down menus to my site. In doing that I updated categories or made minor changes. I apologize if I ended up bogging down your feed with my posts.

I had originally reached out to Bradley at Green Embers for some help because I liked the way his “About” page was formatted. After I got playing around with my blog site though, I realized what I really needed was to update my menus. I would like to thank Bradley though. This was the first time I had reached out to another blogger and was a bit nervous to do so. When I emailed him he could have very well told me to google or youtube it. He didn’t. He graciously shared his time and knowledge with me. Which, by the way, is a little nugget that I am putting in my back pocket to save and use down the road. Thank you Bradley, and everyone else do me a solid. Go check out his blog Green Embers. It’s full of fun doodles, flash fiction, and his thoughts and opinions.

I did end up using this video which proved very helpful. If you have a free second, check out my new menus and let me know what you think. If you hover over “Food” and “Other Good Stuff” a drop down menu with sub categories will appear. Sounds fun right? Really, you don’t have to. It’s just funny how something that seems so trivial took me an entire day to do!

Again, thanks Bradley and sorry follow bloggers.

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