Why Are Parents Beating Ourselves Up Over Not Spending Enough Time With Our Kids?

When I was working a more stressful job or had a longer commute, this was on ongoing issue for me. I get to spend A LOT more time at home now though, thank the lord and my dear friends who helped land me a fantastic job.

Do you struggle with this too? Is this on point? Do you spend so much time with your kids that you actually need time away? What do you all think?

Domesticated Momster

Lately I have seen a lot of blog posts in regards to parents beating ourselves up over not spending enough time with our kids.

The truth is there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that we “wish” we could accomplish.  This includes spending ample time with our children.  And quite honestly what is the perfect ample time amount?

Kids grow fast, life passes by without us noticing sometimes.  Like one minute we are sipping on pumpkin lattes and the next we are sun-kissing our bodies in the middle of summer.  And in that short amount of time our kids are getting bigger and we, *gasps*, are getting older.

bad parenting raising kids

So why are we beating ourselves up over whether or not we are spending enough time with our kids?

Ask yourself at the end of the day ~

Did my child eat today?  Even if it was Top…

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9 thoughts on “Why Are Parents Beating Ourselves Up Over Not Spending Enough Time With Our Kids?

  1. I struggle with survival. I spend a lot of time with my kids, but also feel like I work a little too much. What i really need is to have some time just for myself set aside each week. Not just an hour, but an whole evening. Or an overnight without the kids once a month or so.
    The problem over here here not enough time to care of myself…i always come last. 😦

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  2. Thank you so much for reblogging my post! Super awesome of you to do that! I’m glad to hear you get to spend more time with your little ones …I’m a SAHM and I do spend pretty much every waking moment with my kids, especially now that it’s summer, but I do remember that taking time for myself also makes me a better mommy to be around :))

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  3. I can completely relate to this. In fact, my family plans to move back to the “big” city of Sacramento this summer, after several years in the burbs.

    Our house will have to be smaller, but my husband works in Sacramento, so in addition to other reasons, moving back would get rid of his awful commute. He’d be able to spend two more hours with the family every day.

    I feel the parenting time crunch too. We’ve been biking in the evenings, for example, and have to choose between making dinner or going for a ride (we end up eating takeout crap). We will get more efficient with practice, but it always feels like there’s never enough time to do everything you want.

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    1. Wow two hours a day makes a huge difference. That’s about the time I get at home more with my new job. It’s been life changing. So that’s very exciting for you guys!

      It seems like when we get into a groove something changes and we are readjusting again. I realize
      That’s life but still…

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      1. That’s awesome, congratulations!!! 🙂

        Two hours IS a lot. It adds up. Long commutes are exhausting and it’s less time you get to spend with your family.

        I hope you readjust smoothly and enjoy your newfound time 🙂

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