I came back to work today so I can get some rest.

Just kidding. I actually work at work. That’s just my clever way of letting you know we had a crazy busy weekend. It was loads of fun.

What do you do when your 93 year old grandma mails you a handwritten letter describing the parks she’d love to take your kids to and the wonderful sandwiches she would make them if they visited? Well you get in the car and you go. That’s what you do.

We brought in their car seats the night before we left. We rode up with my mom and needed to put them in her car. The kids made their own little entertainment area in the living room with them. This took a lot of elbow grease. Notice how the chairs are angled slightly inward? I thought that was a nice touch.


Car seats

These kids handled the one way, three hour car ride like champs. We got to grandma’s, ate some amazing sandwiches, and went to a splash pad before my kids realized there were things in Grandma’s house they could break. The most memorable part was that we took the kids to their very first movie at the theater, Finding Dory. Grandma bought them individual popcorns. It was stinking cute. Oddly enough my son who has a speech a delay talked through the whole movie!

Grandma had gotten the kids a really nice hardback Disney book. She wondered if they would like it though. She thought maybe Mickey was too old fashioned. I assured her they love Mickey and Minnie.


I didn’t realize it till I was looking for pictures to go with this post, but I didn’t get any pictures of the kids with grandma. I was just kind of wrangling kids the entire time. Β . .

We made it home in time to celebrate Father’s Day with my husband by going swimming and grilling out. We had chicken marinated inΒ Tzatziki SauceΒ , fish, veggies, and watermelon. Sooooo goooood. Also, the most amazing episode of Game of Thrones aired. Seriously. We are going to watch it again tonight.

How was your weekend? How was your Father’s Day?


17 thoughts on “I came back to work today so I can get some rest.

  1. Oh god, these are gorgeous pictures, and you have beautiful children! Sound like a great day. My dad is in CA and I’m in NY, so I spoke with him on the phone & then took a friend out for her birthday!! I also did my forgiving blog (of course). Blessings to you.

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  2. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! πŸ™‚ My daughter also likes spending time with “mamay” (that’s how she calls my mom). How lucky are we to have mommies who loves our kids so much? πŸ™‚

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  3. I still can’t get over your kids behaving well throughout a 3 hour car ride, lol.

    That sounds awesome and my girls love Minnie Mouse too. We need the see the Dori movie for sure.

    We had my folks over for pizza and cobbler then watched the latest Star Wars movie. My kids were totally into it too, with my 4-year-old screaming “IT’S THE GOLDEN ROBOT!” whenever BB8 came onscreen.

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