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The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R Carey

This was the book we read in my book club last month. It is not something I would have ever chosen to read myself. I am glad it was picked though because I really enjoyed it. It’s a new premise on the zombie genre. The whole book is worth the read just for the ending.

11 thoughts on “The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R Carey

      1. I hadn’t seen that! How very interesting how it all came full circle. I’m glad though that didn’t make the published book. I really liked how simple the published ending was. 🙂

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      2. My e-reader version didn’t have the last 10 pages for some reason. So I went online to find the ending, and in the process came across it.

        Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal is what we are reading now. Again, totally different than anything I’d read on my own. Oh how book club is getting me out of my comfort zone!

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  1. Looks like an intriguing book Lacey! I check for it at our library. I’m in a lit group too that’s been meeting for 30+ years! And it totally drags me out of my comfort zone at times. But I have a lot of great books in my head that I never would have picked up if it weren’t for Jenni’s reading list. This month– The Hare with Amber Eyes (family memoir) that I absolutely loved. anyway, thanks for the recommendation!

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