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This week is dedicated to all things French: Observations in Paris

Around this time 10 years ago I was on vacation with my cousin and aunt in France. I know this because I recently stumbled across some old journal entries. I was so excited to read about our trip that I am making my posts this week dedicated to all things French.

It was a trip of a lifetime that my cousin coordinated and graciously let me be a part of. I was poor, fresh out of college, and newly dumped by my long term boyfriend. That, as it turned out, is the perfect time to visit the most romantic city in the world with wonderful women that you respect and love. It did my soul good. Observations in Paris is taken from my journal about one of the days we spent there.

Observations in Paris

The three of us spent the morning drinking coffee and eating croissants that were so delicious that I decided for sure there is a heaven and those croissants are what I will find when I get there. We spent the afternoon listening to live music under the Eiffel Tower and took a boat ride down the Seine River.

I’ve also eaten an éclair from a patisserie every single day. The pastries in the little corner shop bakeries are stunning. Not only are they delicious, but they are little pieces of edible art.

After lunch at the Museum Dorsey we looked at the art. Most of the artists were men, and I noticed there was always one of four subjects in the paintings: landscapes, still life, self-portraits, or women.The paintings of women were mostly capturing them in everyday acts like drawing a bath. I liked those because they were simple and beautiful.

We were exhausted on the metro ride back to the hotel after leaving the museum. We just sat in comfortable silence, too tired to talk. So I watched, and this is what I saw.

Parisian woman never wear high heels or very much make up, yet they always are pretty and fashionable. Nobody is overweight, but everyone eats all the time. Everybody walks everywhere. Dogs are well behaved and allowed inside all public places. I see dads out and about with their kids just as much as kids with their moms. Couples are openly affectionate anywhere.

I must say, I think the Parisians seem to have things figured out!


14 thoughts on “This week is dedicated to all things French: Observations in Paris

  1. I loved reading this post especially because we just got back from Paris this morning 😀 And I agree with so many of your observations. I kept jotting down notes myself as we explored the town and will have to pull them together into a coherent post soon 🙂

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      1. I loved the countryside…..small towns with little inns and fabulous french food. All the history. Maybe my favourite thing was seeing the Canadian war memorial at Vimy Ridge. Made me so proud to be Canadian.

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