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What I’ve learned from the garden this year.

You may or may not remember from my other gardening posts that this year I decided to plant herbs in the front bed instead of in containers, try a kids gardening corner to keep them from pulling up everything that grew, and then planted a few veggies in another corner. It was all very experimental. So here’s what I learned:

  • The herbs grew very well in the front bed. I planted dill, cilantro/coriander, chives, and basil. The basil didn’t sprout, but I was given a few transplants that are doing fine. It worked out so well that I will  continue to keep herbs planted there.
  • Weellll I’ll continue to plant everything I listed above except for the chives. While they did grow, they are so fine that is was hard to weed around them. I’ll go back to growing those in a container.
  • The kids did enjoy their gardening corner and even grew a few cherry tomatoes and snap peas. They followed me around to tinker where I was growing my vegetables too. So I think next year I’ll just do one space. Some follow bloggers gave some great advice to get them involved in the garden that worked fantastically. We got the kids little gardening tools and watering cans. They loved it and did a great job of helping and not just “helping”.
  • There were only a few plant casualties from kids, dogs, or rabbits this year. I’m pretty sure it is because the okra and squash plants are prickly, and the herbs were less accessible up front.
  • Give squash more space! The squash plants produced a lot, but they also crowded out some of the okra and other squash plants. My fault, lesson learned.
Okra on the left. Squash on the right.
Chives and weeds man. Chives and weeds.


For the fall we are trying to grow pumpkins for the first time. We chose sugar pumpkins because they are a smaller variety and are used for cooking. I am also going to plant some more herbs up front and maybe another round of okra and/or cauliflower.

Pumpkin Sprouts!

If you know of any other vegetable plants that are prickly or have tips on growing pumpkins or cauliflower please share that knowledge with me 🙂 Also, are you growing anything? How’s it coming along?


24 thoughts on “What I’ve learned from the garden this year.

  1. Everything is growing so well !!! You are so lucky. I see what you mean about the chives and the weeds. I have my chives in a pot. Another idea I came across for herbs is to get a car tyre slightly emerge that into the garden bed, and that serves as your ‘pot/container’ and that two would separate herbs from growing into one another and then maybe that could help separate the weeds.
    You are so lucky to be able to grow veggies. I think your pumpkins are going to take off and be fantastic. 🙂
    Are you growing rosemary, that is an easy herb to grow and if in the garden it really thrives. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lynn! What a great idea about the car tire.

      I’ve tried rosemary in pots but not in the ground. Where we leave our yard gets direct morning sun and direct afternoon sun without much shade. I think some of the stuff that doesn’t grow maybe doesn’t need that much direct sun?


  2. Ah gardening. This year not so much….but last year I had peppers and tomatoes..with hubby not so well I have skipping my garden duties except for some begonias and roses….Maybe next year.

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    1. Haha I’m not ballsy enough to grow weed in the front bed lol.

      Well I should post about my fails too probably. We’ve had 2 rosemary bushes die and a tomato plant that’s struggling.


  3. That is so great! Love that you experimented, that brings fun into life, doesn’t it?
    Getting the kids their own tools is adorable.
    How about growing sage! I could see that going well with pumpkin, and it’s pretty easy to grow from my experience (though I just replanted sage that a friend gave me ☺).
    Anyway, blessings to you!

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      1. Sage is great because it survives through the winter. Rosemary is iffy. I put a lot of leaves and straw all around and on top of mine to prep for the winter.

        Cucumbers are easy to grow.

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  4. Dear Daughter,
    I have a confession to make. Once, years ago, I planted snow peas. When I went to pick them, they were sooooooo very YUMMERZ I just down and ate them all! LOL To my defense, there was not THAT many pods…
    Forgive me,
    Hugs & Luvs,

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  5. Love this Lacey– we are tepid gardeners –just a couple tomato plants and three more that sprung up unexpected when we used compost to plant jasmine along the fence. But seeing posts like your make me have big plans for some squash and chard and more tomatoes next year! Thanks for the farming encouragement!! Happy veggie eating! xo

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