Mad Science Birthday Party

When my son’s 4th birthday was approaching my husband and I gave him the choice of a train party or a Chuck E Cheese party. He proceeded to tell us he wanted a science party. Here’s what we did.

The invite was online, and I just pasted my son’s face on a picture of Albert Einstein.

I got some white button down shirts from family members and a few from the thrift store to use as lab coats. We used name tags for badges.

I wanted the kids to be able to be messy. So we did the experiments outside. I decorated the fence with sidewalk chalk instead of having a banner.

We did two simple experiments, oobleck and rainbow wizard’s brew. Oobleck is a cornstarch and water mixture that has properties of fluid and solid. Rainbow wizard’s brew is fancier version of the classic baking soda/vinegar reaction. Both of these used common household items and kids ages 2-12 enjoyed.

We gave out these miniature magnifying glasses as party favors.

Magnifying Glasses, Assorted colors (Pack of 12) Size 4 1...

I made these chocolate marshmallow cupcakes and used this mad science cupcake pack  to decorate them.

Here and here are two other blogs that provided inspiration and ideas.

It was a fun and affordable. What a great theme idea from one smart little boy!

19 thoughts on “Mad Science Birthday Party

  1. It was very fun parTY! It’s difficult to have a coolio party with such an age range, but they all ‘got it’ and a gooey, messy and fun time doing it! Well done!

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  2. My kind of party..Shows you that you dont have to spend a lot of money for a child’s party. I just came from my grandsons 4th birthday party – “Movie under the Stars” – everything was in the back yard, games, bubbles, stars with their names of it, buckets of popcorn, etc. and a movie was shown at night on the grass (Finding Dory) – the kids had a ball and the mess was outside.

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  3. Belated Happy Birthday to Linc!
    Is his bday on July 25? If so, we have the same birthday! ☺
    Looks like he had an amazing party! My daughter is turning 5 next month…I’d probably “steal” your party theme! Thanks for sharing and great pictures! ☺

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  4. Love love love this!! What a creative, educational, and resourceful idea, down to the lab coats, (yummy) cupcakes, and chalk on the fence banner. Did the kids have fun? 🙂 🙂 Blessings your way, and happy birthday to your son.

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  5. What an awesome party Lacey!! Love the white shirts as lab coats!! I’ll be the kids had tons of fun. We went to a wedding of 2 chemistry teachers that was science themed– flowers in flasks, periodic table invites and experiments to try at the reception!! It was a a sweet time. Happy Birthday to your little guy!!


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