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Garden Summer Squash and Basil Fritters

I’ve posted about fritter making before. You should hop over and check it out. Making fritters this time of year is a great way to use up veggies from your garden. In our case it’s squash.

I made a batch of squash and basil fritters yesterday. We had them with lunch along with a salad and smoked salmon on flatbread. I made a simple but tasty sauce to top the fritters with: 1/2 cup sour cream, one half cup mayo, 1 Tbsp chopped dill, dash of salt and pepper. Next I am going to sub Greek yogurt for mayo to see how that turns out.


The next morning I topped some of the leftover fritters with poached eggs and served it with a side of bacon. We were all happy campers, but my husband suggested next time to top it with hollandase sauce. I think that could work.


Do you have any other ways to eat up a batch of veggie fritters? Even better, what are some things you do with your veggies to use them up before they go bad?


12 thoughts on “Garden Summer Squash and Basil Fritters

  1. Fritters are great! That egg oozing out the yellow looks absolutely delish, too. With veggies before they go bad, I usually stir-fry them as sides or use them for fried rice/fried noodles. Veg fritters have never occurred to me and now that you mentioned it, it;s worth doing it!

    In case you didn’t get any pingback, here’s one for you just to say thank you for the recent follow 🙂


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