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I don’t post to brag. Here are some of my fails.

I work in an office at a desk and have for years. I think that’s why I enjoy cooking and gardening. I get to use my hands to make something. With cooking I enjoy taking different ingredients and making something else completely different when they are put together. With gardening I love the feel of being outside in the sun with my hands in the dirt, especially after being inside all day. I think it’s crazy that a little tiny speck of a seed can grow into something so many times its size to produce food or flowers. When we are growing something I look forward to checking on the plants and their progress every single day. I’m a novice cook and a novice gardener. When I post about my food or garden it’s not to brag. It’s because I get sincerely excited. I guess the same could be said for anything I post about my family.

Most of what I do is an experiment. Sometimes it turns out. Sometimes it doesn’t. I thought instead of just sharing the stuff that worked out, I’d share some of the stuff that hasn’t.

I’ve grown tomatoes from seeds at my previous house. Where we live now I can’t grow them for anything. I’ve tried potted, in the ground, that tipsy turvey thing, in the front yard, in the back yard, in the shade, in the sun. Me trying to grow tomatoes has turned into a Dr. Suess book. I’m think we will always just buy our tomatoes.

Insert Rosemary for everything I just mentioned about tomatoes.

Basil is usually easy for me to grow, but it’s barely sprouted this year. What has grown is struggling with drying up.

Before I mention some recent food fails you should know that my husband and I are the least picky eaters with iron stomachs. If we can’t/won’t eat it, it’s bad.

I once saw a veggie bean burger recipe with black beans as the base ingredient. I tried it with pinto beans because that’s what I had. It turned out inedible. Gravy couldn’t even save those sad patties. I tried to make a summer squash and herb soup. Ummmmm lets just say dill and corriander was a disgusting combination choice. The last few times I’ve made pesto it’s bitter. I’ve tried using younger basil and garlic and better olive oil and Parmesan. It’s still bitter. This weekend when I attempted to poach eggs, I accidentally hard boiled the first batch.

Do you have any kitchen or garden fails worth sharing?

32 thoughts on “I don’t post to brag. Here are some of my fails.

  1. They really aren’t fails, just learning experiences. I struggles with basil for quite a while but found out that for me it works better in a pot and when started from seed. I never had good luck when buying the plants. Also, they are very finicky with water. I let mine get totally dry before watering. As for rosemary, mine does better in the ground and the leaves do not like to get wet. Trial and error on my part with those too. My garden is in containers because our soil is rocky so that is going to another round of adjusting but I have my mind set to figure it all out. Ah, and poaching….another sad story on my part too. They always fell apart. I saw on YouTube that you are supposed to break the egg in a small sieve first (here is the link)

    Practice makes perfect so we can’t give up. Have a great day.

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  2. We are moving in September and our new place has a garden. Wahoo! I’ve always been interested in learning more about gardening and experimenting with it, but I know that I’ll have lots of fails as I get started. Posts like these are a good reminder to just dive in and play around with it. Getting your hands dirty is the best way to figure something out!


  3. Cannot for the life of me make Rice Balls…tried all recipes and though I love to eat them…they just dont work for me. I have become a crock pot expert…just plop it into the pot and turn it on. Gardening is better but instead of seeds for tomatoes I used the plant…and while I didnt get an abundance of tomatoes I did get enough for quite a few salads.


  4. The question is what haven’t I failed at! I don’t have a green thumb like my folks. I can’t bake. I do however love trying new recipes. On stove top or slow cooker. No baking for me. I leave that to the pros!

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  5. I just want to say that I love the idea of this post!! So great.
    I’m giving big hugs to your basil, and your rosemary, and your tomatoes too 🙂
    By the way, a friend of mine recently mentioned that it helps to water tomatoes extra at night. Interesting … maybe worth a try?
    Blessings your way, and big smiles.

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  6. Oh, I have loads in both kitchen and garden…Quite honestly I do not know where to start.
    Just keep trying with the herbs though, not to be over watered (I have done that and got root rot) Try shoving a tomato in the garden or pot and see if it starts to produce…. (I know it is disheartening when things don’t work, but soon something will click and you will get whatever you are wanting) 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lynn. I think the root rot is what happened to the rosemary. And maybe it doesn’t like the direct afternoon sun?
      I’ll try with the tomato. Ironically I think I have some growing out of my compost on accident with zero effort. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

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      1. Not too sure on how intense your afternoon sun is,,Maybe move a pot to another spot and see. When I got over excited and loaded mine with water in the hopes it would hurry up and grow quickly, I experienced like a white stuff on the stems, I also have had it on basil in the past, and then remembered the over watering. That is when I literally took the entire plant out of the soil and threw it away, and threw the soil/compost or potting soil away,, cleaned the pot, let it dry and began again with fresh potting soil. I also did not cover the holes at the bottom of the container as then the water is trapped ! Yes, 🙂 all lessons learnt over time, trial and error my friend, but we will get there 🙂 Great about the tomatoes hey! I hope they keep on coming 🙂

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      2. It gets direct sun all afternoon. So yeah next time that’s a good idea. I’ll move it to a different spot. I have used that pot twice now and the plants died, so for sure cleaning it is something easy to do. Thank ya mam 🙂

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  7. This year was my first attempt at planting flowers in a box on the window sills. There were two boxes, and I fear, way too many impatiens for those boxes. Also, shortly after I planted them, I was out of town for a week and relied on someone else to water them. Last, but not least, I have windows that face east, so I only get just a little sun during the morning, as there are a short distance from my windows. The result. I have half of one box that still has flowers in it, and now, in August they are not much bigger than when I planted them. Fail.

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  8. I have had the same rosemary plant for years. My mint and basil did well this year but everything food related dried up like the rest of the state! Plus I blew up a potato in the oven the other day. You ever tried cleaning potato out of the entire oven? Luckily OU Boy has taken over cooking duties until I have recovered. xx

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  9. OH gosh Lacey– I had a jar fail this week. My sis and I were making 8 cakes for my Mom’s big birthday Open House– But I undercooked the strawberry cake and it crumbled coming out of the pan so I tried to patio into a disc shape– The the frosting was too runny and spread all over the counter and down to my kitchen rug! ugh! So I ended up through it all in the trash can and cleaning up a big mess! Thanks for posting “real life.” If we’re trying to do new things and branch out, we are bound to fail now and then!! Great post!

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    1. Oh Rhonda thanks for sharing about your fail. It reminded me of dumping out that whole pot of terrible soul and made me smile.
      That’s a great way to look at it. If we are branching out there will be fails. Great point!

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  10. Haha, reading about fails can be more fun, anyway. Aren’t we all tired of reading about perfect parenting/gardening/cooking/fitness/etc?

    Makes me feel better, because I’m a miserable gardener. I’ve tried so many times and keep killing plants. I may even be a vegetable serial killer… it’s probably irresponsible of me to even try.

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  11. thanks for this post! Your garden stuff looks rather like mine. Fortunately, my husband provided an intervention on garden care and now things look a little better. 😀

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