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Remember the “Get Ready for Fall” Meet and Greet this Saturday


In my last two posts, Blog Reading Time Management and I have a Question for my Fellow Bloggers, I talked some about how I try not to blog at home. Because it’s a three day weekend and because for some crazy, miracle of a reason we have zero plans (YAY!), that rule is getting broken. I’m so pumped that fall is on it’s way that I am going to have a “Get Ready for Fall Meet and Greet” this Saturday.

I thought it would be fun to do a recipe share. If you aren’t a recipe/food person you are still welcome to come to the party. In lieu of a recipe you’ll just tell us what you are looking forward to most about fall.  For everyone else pick out your best football appetizer, slow cooker dish, or your go-to school night meal. It can be your own, a link to another blog, a quick description, whatever works. Then of course leave your own blog link for us to check out.

I’ll post the Meet and Greet link Saturday morning. Can’t wait to see you then!


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