Sooo August…. Where did you go?

My last few posts I’ve yammered on about how busy we’ve been. I looked at a calendar today and couldn’t believe it’s September. The two biggest things going on this month were getting my little guy ready for preK  and my little lady turning 2.

We had a mural painting party for Riley by using finger paints on the fence. I’ll do a post on that once I can confirm for 100 percent the paint doesn’t do any lasting damage. My little guy has been in school 2 weeks and doing well. We got a picture and a great report from his speech therapist yesterday. I’m a proud mama.

Last month the diamond in my wedding ring went missing and Linc put a yoyo through our new TV. You may have read about it in The straw that broke this mamas back. Well this month we had lightning hit our house. Also my car got broken into and my purse stolen. That created a major to-do list all on its own. Plus work has been busy, and I’ve been battling migraines regularly. In the the garden okra plants are producing like crazy, and we are waiting for pumpkins to make an appearance.

Besides that I’ve been working on my first two pieces for the Oklahoma City Moms Blog, which I’ll share here when they publish those this month.

I feel like I’m just now able to stop for a minute and breathe. Needless to say I am really looking forward to a long, laid back weekend.

Did August kick aone else’s butt? Just me?

26 thoughts on “Sooo August…. Where did you go?

  1. Big things to look forward to this month huh?
    Look at that cute smile from Linc! Who could get upset for long on a charming boy like that! 🙂
    Your little girl’s curls are also adorable! You have beautiful children. 🙂

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  2. Blessings to your beautiful babies!!! They are beautiful and that fence painting looks like a LOT of fun 🙂

    Lacey you are truly a breath of sunshine in this blogging world. So glad we found each other.

    August for me was a month of introspection and taking my next steps of exploration on what I truly want in my life. It’s quite a spiritual journey, and I am grateful and blessed.
    Speaking of blessings, BLESSINGS your way! 🙂
    Have a gorgeous weekend.

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      1. You know what? I’m actually considering going within, getting really quiet, and developing my forgiving consulting practice. I have an 8 step program I’m considering offering! Can you send good energy to this? Thank you!!!

        I am also planning on attending YOUR Meet and Greet 🙂

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  3. Wow here hoping September is better for you. August went way too fast and now that it is September I go back to work…but that’s ok – all in the cycle of life…going to miss sleeping late….enjoy the weekend…

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    1. Thanks!

      I have such a contradiction with letting summer go. I love it and fall, but dread winter. So I am sad to see summer go. Look forward to fall, but then I know after fall comes winter. I’m a mess.


  4. My August wasn’t quite that bad, though I did make travel arrangement mistakes, costing me an additional $400. Traveling by the Metra system in Chicago – in a wheelchair, dragging my luggage and laptop along, was a bit hair-raising. This month I’m looking at adding airport shuttles and flights, with more luggage, and my CPAP machine as well, as I’ll be in San Antonio for a few days longer. This trip causes my hair to stand on end at times. There is always the fear that I’m either going to get the times/days wrong for the airline reservations (which I did – twice), miss a bus/plane, or just plain screw up somewhere.

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      1. In August, I just took the train to Chicago. The airline reservations are for my trip to San Antonio, from O’Hare in Chicago. It gets real hot down there, even the first time I went, when the event was held in October! I had to withdraw from the Archery event, because it was in the blazing sun, riled up my MS symptoms, even to the point where it affected my vision. I couldn’t see where my arrows were going!

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      1. Yeah, I couldn’t imagine it either back then. You are at the stage when you are happy when you get any sleep and pray for the day when everyone in your house pukes in the toilet. I feel your pain and well, just ” keep going towards the light…there is one at the end of the tunnel”. As long as you enjoy the ride, it’s all good – every stage is fun!

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  5. You’re so right– August rushed by. We had a fun trip with our kids and time with my sis, here from Kosovo. Lacey– loved loved the photo of your little guy in his orange shirt– what a dear smile!!! Glad all’s going well at school for him. Here’s to September ahead… Hope it’s the best for you! xox

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