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Wrapping up in the garden

We took advantage of the extra day off and pretty morning to wrap things up in our little garden. We picked the last of the herbs, basil and chives. The dill and cilantro have been used up already. 

The okra plants are still going strong and probably will through September. I pickled some jars of our surplus. We will find out in about two weeks if my recipe is a success.

We have two mystery pots that I am hoping we get to find out what’s growing. One is sprouting from compost and the other the kids planted seeds in. 

We are trying to line our back fence line with canna lilies. They started as bulbs this year. So I think they are doing so well!

 We are getting our plot ready for next year. Anybody here of the deep mulch method? It’ll be our first time to try it.

We’ve layed newspaper and topped it with compost then grass clippings. It’s supposed to get rid of the grass underneath. Then next year we will make our rows in the hay but add compost and soil. Supposedly we won’t have to weed. 

Also, for now my son thinks it’s a parking lot for his car. 

The only thing we are trying to grow this fall are pumpkins. It’s our first shot at it, and I’ve already learned so much  to improve for next year! We do have a few vines going strong that I hope produces something. 

Did you get the day off today? How are you spending it? 

16 thoughts on “Wrapping up in the garden

  1. Yay. Lotsa good stuff. Good luck with the pumpkins. I intended on trying but it was too late. Cannas are beautiful but the multiply like crazy. We are in Texas- I guess the like it here. πŸ™‚

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  2. Love the herbs! And that’s the coolest parking space I’ve ever seen! 😊
    I’m happy to have finished reading “The Alchemist”…that’s how I spent my long weekend! Hehehe

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  3. Love this– we are lapsed veggie gardner and your post made me want to get out and plant something!! Hope you pumpkins bloom and grow by October!! That would be big fun for the kids! Hope you had a good Labor Day break! hugs.

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  4. Lacey, I am so impressed that you could jar okra! I’m interested to see how that turns out πŸ™‚
    And your son is a very smart boy. Too funny – I started laughing aloud.
    I went to a parade nearby yesterday … I did a forgiveness video & even interviewed someone!
    When I came back, I got a little sick, maybe from the food I ate there. πŸ™‚ So I spent the afternoon watching reruns of Sex and the City.


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