5 Pumpkin Activites for Toddlers


Here’s my second post for the Oklahoma City Moms Blog: 5 Pumpkin Activites for Toddlers.

Feel free to pin it, comment on it, or share on your Facebook page or other social media. I’ll have about 1 post a month published on their site. It was just a fluke timing thing that this round they are so close together. I probably won’t have another one for about 6 weeks on their site. So you should go check this one out for sure!

Just in case you don’t know, I am excited to be a new contributing writer on Oklahoma City Moms Blog. It’s a collaborative mom blogging site that I’ve been following on social media. It’s apart of City Moms Blog Network. So even if you aren’t from or living in my neck of the woods there’s a good chance there is a Moms Blog near your city. My first post for them was published last week: Will My Son Starting School Ease My Working Mom Guilt?

Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone is having a great week!

5 thoughts on “5 Pumpkin Activites for Toddlers

  1. Hey Lacey– Fall is my favorite season too– and just yesterday the weather took a turn for the better–cool and a little breezy– can fall be almost here??! So loved your pumpkin ideas! That pumpkin spread sounds like something the grand-girls would really love!! so fun. Loving your Oklahoma Mom posts– smart and fun of good thoughts– and just friendly. Happy pumpkin season ahead friend!…

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  2. Lacey, this is such a wonderful post! So upbeat and colorful with all the photos. Your five ideas were clearly well-thought out (that was super evident to me). And they were also heart-warming 🙂 . The pumpkin people particularly touched me.
    Thank you for sharing this and for demonstrating your courage in sharing your voice.

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