Reblog: “I was not a kind boy”

Reblog: At 5 I think kids should still have fun and look forward to school. Bless this little guys heart.

Real Life Autism

“I was not a kind boy, today.”

He looked down. My heart sank.

These were the words from my five year old, three weeks into school. Kindergarten has been a struggle. I wasn’t pained to hear he had a rough day, it was the fact that once again, he was telling me what he did wrong. He has stopped talking about the fun parts of school, and has only started telling me that he was “too loud”, or had to sit out, or he hit too hard when he was playing superheroes. He apparently talks in the hallways, doesn’t stay in line, and “gets wiggly” on the carpet, and today was capped with, “and the kids laughed at me because I was in trouble again….*sigh*….and ill never have a RISE card again”.



Self Disipline.


Cards that are handed out by the teachers when they see these character traits…

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