Being with or away from my kids can drive me crazy.



Sometimes when both of my kids are being difficult or I’m just beyond tired I may feel like I need a little break. But as soon as I am away from them I miss them. I always have a hard time with reconciling doing other things without my kids when I’m not working. I just feel like I have such limited time with them.

This weekend we have a few adult things scheduled. Wish me luck that everything with the kids AND grown ups goes okay!

What are your weekend plans?


20 thoughts on “Being with or away from my kids can drive me crazy.

  1. My husband is working, so I’m still stuck with mommy duties. And your right, if I did have a vacation, I wouldn’t enjoy it like I should. 😒

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  2. We are having a birthday party for Corbin who is turning 4 tomorrow! He is old enough to choose his own party theme now so we are having a Snowman party. In September. By the pool. Good Luck with your weekend!

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      1. Messy and loud and indoors. It was too wet outside. He came in at midnight to ask if he was still 4!!!❤ Told him yes, it’s good for a year. His answer? Now that I am 4 I love you even more. Can we have a snack?? 😂

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  3. I have an aide, who has a 2 year old, and one that is 8 months. They can keep her up all night. Then she misses them throughout her workday, and wants her baby to stay exactly the way she is – not to grow up. I leave Monday morning, on a flight headed to San Antonio, TX. I will be there all week, for adaptive sports for disabled veterans. This year I’m playing Bocce Ball, Table Tennis, and shooting an air rifle. 🌵

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  4. Well I know all about this, being and being away both drives you crazy. Now my sons are both adults and I have two lovely grand daughters. I know lot about food too as half the time I was cooking. And then cleaning, wiping dirty hands and mouths and mopping after muddy feet among many other activities. Now all that has been taken over my daughters -in-laws and thank goodness for that !!!
    I still do cook as I eat healthy and do gardening and have a lot of hobbies. But now it’s more working from my head. As that side was on hold until the crazy part ended. I will try to share some of my stories, time permitting as I am studying psychology to add to my knowledge so that I can give out more tips on how to cope with mental issues. I am truly Blessed to have overcome long term depression and want to encourage and help others with what I know as much as possible. This is my Mission and I have dedicated fully into this venture to spread the word as much as possible. Best of luck with your family and kiddos. Many Blessings of Love and Light to you all 🙂 ❤

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  5. Agree Lacey! I remember be off on weekends away with my Larry and overtime we’d see someone else little kids, we’d start talking about ours back home! I think it’s common to most Moms! And now they’re all grown and out and about and I miss them all the time! (but we’re headed up up to San Francisco tomorrow for a long weekend with kids for a baby shower! ) Anyway, I think you’re great mom with out without kids! hugs.


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