16 thoughts on “It’s finally here.

      1. Thank you Lacey…we have family members who came to visit and spent time with us this week, plus my work, and my sister giving birth to my new cute niece…it was fun but I had to sacrifice some time for rest. ☺ And now it’s weekend finally! YES!!!

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  1. I think this week was a tough one for most people. For me, our “busy” season has started, and then something we were expecting has morphed into an absolute monster! So, that’s fun.

    For this weekend, I’m looking forward to having Mexican food with my husband and our parents in a few hours! I’m also hoping to give blood tomorrow, have my car serviced, join the local library, and clean up some of our cluttered house! Cheers to the weekend!

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    1. Hey Laura Beth! Yeah this week was just. so. long. lol
      Whoa that sounds like quite the to do list. I hope you get it all done, and you made me want some chips and queso 🙂


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