The Places My Toddler Son Has Peed

I have 4 siblings, 3 sisters and a 1 brother. Growing up in such a female dominated house I was not well versed in the way of boys. Sure, I knew about some boy stuff from my brother, but we are 14 months apart. So I didn’t grow up changing his diapers or anything. Since my first born is a boy I’ve had a lot to learn, like about peeing for example. I didn’t realize there are so many options aside from, you know, the toilet for places to pee. I am sure there are some places I am forgetting and some more that he will try out in the future. For now though here is a list of the places my 4 year old son has peed so far.

  • On Me – Any mom can tell you that getting peed on is not crazy or out of the ordinary. Heck sometimes I don’t feel like my day is complete unless I’ve been peed on. I was not expecting it though when I thought I was taking a relaxing bath behind a locked door and opened my eyes to find my son standing there peeing into the tub I was soaking in.
  • In the washing machine – About a year ago and a half ago he went through this insane ninja climbing phase. We could not turn  away for more than a few seconds without him constructing some vertical obstacle course to get to the top of any and all furniture. This also coincided with him really getting the hang of potty training. Put the two together, and what do you get? A little boy determined to climb into the washing machine to pee.  He succeeded a time or two. We had lots of talks that went something like, “It must be exciting to learn to pee without a diaper. We are proud of you, but really we need you to only use the toilet.”IMG_1018
  • In the backyard – The location isn’t terrible necessarily, but this is where he seems to try to work on different techniques. Picture something kind of like the dance move “the sprinkler.”
  • From the ladder of the above ground pool – My sisters, nieces, and nephews came over to swim. As we were all getting out of the pool my son stopped at the top of the ladder, pulled down his trunks, and peed on the lawn with no shame in front of everyone.
  • Through the doggy door – He’s tried a few times while inside to pee outside by way of the doggy door. Maybe the kid deserves credit for creativity. He has been working on reading short sentences. So I thought this may get my point across to him.image

Please tell me I’m not alone here. Where has your son peed or tried to pee?

24 thoughts on “The Places My Toddler Son Has Peed

  1. This had me in stitches! ‘Do Not Pee Out the Doggy Door’ and peeing in the washing machine – you have a very creative boy on your hands!! LOL If only my boys were as creative. On the other hand, my daughters when they were babies….they would rip their diapers off, and pee in closets. LOL It’s incredible to think what might go through a child’s mind sometimes!

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  2. I have 3 nephews, aged 4, 3, 2 and their papa (my mother’s husband, like a grandfather to them) teaches them to pee “like men” in the yard. There is 1 particular shrub in my mother’s yard that has died because of this special watering. I have a very cute photo of the 3 of them lined up (backs to the camera), having a group pee in my backyard. The laces on swim trunks were a bit cumbersome to get in and out of and once during the same pool party, the middle one got kerfuffled and peed on papa, who was sitting in the pool.

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  3. I also have 3 sisters and 1 brother. He is 12 months older. Needless to say he didn’t hang out with us and we knew very little about boys. When my son was 3 we were in Destin and he got out of the water, stood on the sand, pulled his swimsuit off and peed in the sand. Corbin is perfecting a helicopter move for his outside peeing. When you live in the country, men do it. They all do. As long as he isn’t peeing on my shoe, I’m good. The boy won’t pee in the pool though. Nope. He has some standards. lol

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  4. OMG! I come from a family that almost always has baby girls (it’s supposed to be the man that determines gender, but my family makes you question the idea). I ended up having two girls myself.

    before I was sure what I was having, I wondered about sons… how would I potty-train them? What would they be like?

    I’ve heard baby boys pee in your face, lol. That you need pee shields when changing them (and I thought I had it rough!).

    I don’t think my girls have ever peed anywhere strange on purpose. I’m thinking that’s a boy thing.

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    1. Oh yeah, you totally have to cover them when changing diapers or you will totally get peed on lol. He’s chilled out some on this issue, but yeah. I had no idea what I was doing lol.

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