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Happy Friday Everyone


The hubs usually cooks through the week, and I cook on the weekends. Then each week I do 1 food post here on my blog about something I made over the weekend and at least 1 other post about whatever random thing strikes my fancy.

Well, last weekend I was staving off a migraine most of Saturday and Sunday. So I didn’t cook anything worth posting. I may have made herb roasted potatoes again Saturday morning, but that’s it. So no new food post from me this week.

This hasn’t been a bad week necessarily. I’ve been getting about 7 hours of sleep, but each day when my alarm has gone off at 6am I have really and truly felt that I could sleep for the entire day. I mean, usually when my alarm goes off I’m not doing somersaults out of bed. I’m always tired at 6am, but this week has been extra. I’m feeling pretty run down.

So I am hoping to take it easy this weekend. I want to watch the OU/Texas game, sleep in, rest up. What are your weekend plans?





9 thoughts on “Happy Friday Everyone

  1. I hope that you start having new, renewed energy shortly! I have felt in the same kind of funk this week too with low energy. Maybe it’s the change of seasons?! This weekend I am attending a big women’s conference through my Church, but also studying hard for my nursing boards. Have a wonderful, restful weekend. xx

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