A Boy And His Train Obsession

Kids go through phases, but my son’s train phase has been long lived for a little boy, over a year. We call him train obsessed.

As a mom I love watching my kids discover things they love. I never thought I’d ever get excited to get stuck at a railroad crossing. Now I think of it as good timing if he is with me.

I overheard a conversation between him and my niece that went like this:

My niece: Do you like crickets?

My son: I like cargo trains.

My niece: Do you want to ride a train?

My son: Well a passenger train…

Everything is about trains to him. He knows he would rather be a train engineer than a conductor. He designs different tracks, watches train videos, draws trains, and when we can we take him to ride them. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve gotten pictures of over the last year.


Mixed materials – Lego bridge, tracks on blocks, glasses tunnel


Train art – Painted wood train. He’s had us help him design and draw rainbow alphabet trains.


Actual trains – at the zoo and Oklahoma Railway Museum.

What are your kids really into right now?










19 thoughts on “A Boy And His Train Obsession

  1. This made me smile because my oldest son (now 17) was obsessed with Thomas the train. Partly due to the fact that Grandma (who took care of him 2 days a week) decided that it was a good idea to use the purchase of a $15 train from the Thomas collection as a reward for potty training. The final collection was something to behold 😉

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  2. Well my elder kid is into his forty Lol 🙂 and he is still on Lego advanced models from the age he started Lego Duplo. Your son is cute it’ll be fun to watch how far he is going to go like mine. Kids are fun. Best of Luck with yours to see them grow up as adults and become daddies of their own kids. Love and Light 🙂 ❤

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