A Girl and Her Artwork

Earlier this week I posted A Boy And His Train Obsession about my son. I can’t leave his sister out though. Like I mentioned in the post about my son, I love watching my kids discover things they love. It’s probably the very best, most exciting feeling in the world.

My daughter is a little artist. When I say that I mean it. She will sit and work on a “piece” for hours until SHE decides it is “all done”. Yes that’s right, hours. If she doesn’t sit for a consecutive length of time, she’ll come back and keep working on it throughout the day. For a two year old, I think that’s pretty amazing. So far it hasn’t mattered if it’s paints, crayons, or pencils. She gets into it and is rightfully proud of her work.

For her 2nd birthday we had mural party where we set out finger paints and sidewalk chalk so everyone could transform our backyard fence.


She’s even creative with Legos. Doesn’t this look like an animal?

Oh I just love her concentration and enthusiasm and cannot wait to see how or if her love for art continues to grow!

What are your kid(s) really into right now?












9 thoughts on “A Girl and Her Artwork

  1. Love this Lacey!! You’re a great mom to let kids lose with their paints!! Some of the pictures remind me of the kid’s book –I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More.” A baby who pretty much paints up himself and the house– to the rhythm of “It Ain’t gonna rain no more.”

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    1. Yeah I thought we may get I trouble with the hoa or the resale value would go down, but it was all so perfect for her it was worth it. She yelled
      Our, look what we made!’ And it was awesome!


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