My Love Letter to October

In a post from over 2 weeks ago I talked about how I had been having migraines and just feeling run down. My headaches have been better, but I have still been dragging. And. I. Mean. Drrraaaaaaaggging.

I know my poor husband and co-workers are tired of me going through the motions like an extra from The Walking Dead, but I can’t seem to shake it. The season and weather change is probably a contributor. My iron and D3 is low which doesn’t help. Also my husband says I do too much. Maybe he’s right? Plus work has been busy. I’m just tired guys, and not the kind of tired where one good nights sleep seems to fix.

So while I do have a few new recipes and some post ideas I want to flesh out more, I haven’t yet. For now, though I do have pictures from this month. October in Oklahoma is my most favorite time of year. For a few weeks we get sunny weather in the 70s during the day and the evenings are slightly crisp but not uncomfortable yet. With the last scraps of my energy I’ve been trying to get my kids outside as much as possible, and we’ve been loving it. Here’s my “love letter” to October.

We’ve been playing in the backyard.


We’ve painted pumpkins and tried to take them on rides on the back of our trikes.

We’ve gone on neighborhood walks. . . .


And some mini nature hikes.


We sneaked out to the playground during grandparent’s night at my son’s school.

My son took his first ever school picture. OH MY GOODNESS!


We visited my dad and step mom’s family farm to feed the animals.


And we still have another week plus Halloween left. I may be a mess, but October, you are perfect.

26 thoughts on “My Love Letter to October

      1. I have problems losing also and take thyroid meds. Not do tired any more but the weight doesn’t come off. I did drop 20 lbs but it took 15 months. Ugh


  1. Your children are absolutely lovely. I truly pray that energy will come back… I don’t mean to go into nurse mode on ya, but if the Iron is low that most certainly can be the main culprit. Might not be a bad idea to get your B vitamins checked as well. Thank for sharing a peak of your life with us ❤

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    1. Nurse away! I need all the help I can get. I’ve been taking supplements but haven’t felt a difference. Maybe I need more or better ones?

      Thanks so much for stopping by and peaking in 🙂

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      1. Hmm….iron is best absorbed on an empty stomach or with vitamin C. So taking orange juice with them can help. I know sometimes they can cause stomach pain if taken alone, but certain foods can prevent iron from being absorbed effectively too! (Like oatmeal, coffee, tea, anything high fiber, egg whites). I would check to see if your multivitamin has B vitamins, and if it doesn’t contain all of them maybe getting levels checked? B12 deficiency can be a big culprit of lethargy. Okay okay now I need to stop hehe. But I truly hope this gets taken care of! Keep us updated ❤

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  2. Lacey, you have a beautiful family, you must be so proud. It is wonderful so have so many memories as time goes by so fast 🙂
    Also, on the migrane thing, once you sort out your iron and vit B levels and you are still experiencing headache’s perhaps consider how much dairy you are having, for instance in your coffee. For me, I just stopped dairy in my coffee and substituted it with a non dairy milk and I haven’t experienced a headache or migrane since. Sorry, it is just a thought. x

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    1. Oh thank you Lynne. Yes time is a thief these days! It gets faster and faster and faster.

      Thanks for the tip. I have been reading about food triggers. It’s something I’ve never considered but seems like an obvious culprit.

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  3. Lacey– take care. You DO do so much, working and taking sweet care of your family and even sending out everything to us… and I’m sure there’s so much more we don’t see. It’s so much. Hoping and praying you’ll find rest and be feeling your own spunky self again soon. — and LOVE the school picture. There are so many ahead! and also, cool that you family has a farm to visit… I love October too– we have lots of family birthdays and the holidays coming ahead to plan for. It just seems like family time to me. Hugs from here blog-friend! you’re the best!

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    1. Rhonda thanks so much. I have taken a bit of a break (if you can’t tell from me response being a week late). I had my first good day in two or three weeks yesterday. Fingers crossed that is sticks! The husband is forcing me to rest more 🙂
      I’m going to pop over and see what yummy things you’ve been making while I’ve been out! Hugs to you to! I hope you are well and that grandbaby is too.


      1. Good to hear Lacey– being a mom can be all about taking care of everyone, so glad you husband is taking care of you!! You do so much! Breaks are good. We’ll just keep reading whenever you pop up!

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