Salt and Pepper Shakers: Last Minute Couples (or Singles too I guess) Halloween Costume Idea

Seriously, yes, this is the best group picture we could get.


Last year for Halloween my kiddos went as their favorite food. My son was a slice of pizza, and my daughter was an ice cream cone. While I do enjoy dressing up, I hadn’t for the last few years for no reason in particular. So to keep the food theme going I taped an “S” and a “P” on a black shirt and a white shirt. Then we dug out a few colanders to wear on our heads and went as salt and pepper shakers. It took all of 5 minutes.

I’m not going to lie. This may be my costume again this year unless last minute inspiration cares to strike two years in a row.

So do you have any last minute, throw together costume success stories? I’d love to hear about them, or about what you are going as this year.














20 thoughts on “Salt and Pepper Shakers: Last Minute Couples (or Singles too I guess) Halloween Costume Idea

  1. Very cute idea! A couple of years ago I took one of my old uniforms from culinary school, splattered ketchup on me and it and borrowed a plastic cleaver from my neighbour to go as a “zombie chef”. It also took about five minutes and people still talk about it!

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  2. Last year we took all 5 cousins from 5 months to 3 years and dresses them in monkey suits. Put an air matress and headbardin ths truck bed for trunk and treat. One doctor standing by!🎃🎃

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  3. Every year we host a girls Coven and give out candy. This year we will be 3 witches we all dress up and sit up a living room on my driveway. We love getting together and enjoying all the littles coming up for candy. It’s a fun way to spend an evening and the power of three keeps us out of the candy. LOL.

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  4. However did you come up with this one Lacey??!! What fun! Did you have a big trick or treating neighborhood? We have loads of small kids and I always love it. But this year we’ll be driving down from San Francisco and miss Halloween. Hope it’s a super fun time for you and your kids!! Great costumes! xox

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    1. It was totally something from nothing and wanting to dress up with the kids last minute. I hope the same thing happens this years because I’ve been stumped.
      We have a decent turnout. I like for our kiddos to trick or treat in our neighborhood because it’s 1 block that’s not a thru street and has sidewalks. Just our speed.
      Aw I hope you still get to pass some little kids dressed up on your drive!


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