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Weird things are happening in the garden…

I didn’t feel well for a few days in a row and skipped checking on my okra plants. It was a bad move on my part. They are HUGE Tim Birton like monster okra now. They are more like wood and too tough to eat. Also I don’t ever remember them still producing into mid November.

Then I planted basil at the beginning of spring that didn’t sprout…. well until now. It was beautiful and 70 degrees today. I can see how it would be confused I guess.Β My dill did well this year, but one last and lone plant just grew practically overnight.

Crazy! Are anyone else’s plants doing nutty things?





12 thoughts on “Weird things are happening in the garden…

  1. Aww Lacey, I just love that you have plants! ❀ Gardening is such a gift, isn't it?

    I'm moving to LA this week, so I cut my plants for the winter (plus it's getting cold in NY). Maybe the new sublet person will keep them up. I loved having a garden … and where I'm going to in LA is called the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens πŸ™‚

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    1. I just really look forward to tending to them and get excited everyday to watch them change. I hope your sublet person will keep them up!
      Oh Debbie that sounds beautiful! Are you ready for the move?

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  2. Oh yes, we are experiencing such weird weather here, so odd for this time of the year, so my herbs are seriously confused, except for my mint, that is growing wild !!!
    Hopefully things get back to normal and soon πŸ™‚

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  3. Basil was the only that grew at the duplex, as you know! We are anxious to see if our move to our doll house yields a lil more next year! The only sunlight is in the front year, so that’s where we are going to plant! Go where the sun is!

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  4. Well here in Queensland we have good weather, meaning not a very cold winter or snow like you guys. I have a lot of plants but I don’t have veggies, other than curry leaf plants and Mint. I have a little Mango tree that has produced one mango each in two seasons. Have a strawberry guava tree that has given plenty twice and Lemon tree too. Lime and Pomegranate yet to bear fruits. My house is like a green house as its full of indoor plants. Very helpful as the Summer here is very hot, so nice to be among the plants all cool and green while outside the sun is so hot and the trees looking rather dull and dried up. Yes with plants one has to keep watch all the time. Best of luck with your gardening πŸ™‚ ❀

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