Here’s how this weekend went


Well the kids had low grade fevers Friday night. Since we all just got over a virus that felt like it lasted FOREVER I went into hyper mom mode and enforced a strict rest day on Saturday.

So during ‘restful’ Saturday that I mandated I decided I thought our house smelled funny and was tired of everyone being sick. Hyper mom mode continued. If you can think of it, I probably sent it through the laundry this weekend: shower curtain, door mats, blankets, dog bed covers.

By Sunday nobody had fevers and everyone was bouncing off the walls like crazy people. I didn’t get everyone up and ready in time to make it to church, but I did load them up and got them outside. I can’t believe it’s mid November and has been 70 degrees out.

We met up with my cousin and dear friend to catch up and go on a nature hike and picnic. 1) Because I know these beautiful days are limited. 2) About a year ago my son stopped a bad habit of trying to run off. Since starting school though this August (preK) it’s started again. It’s frustrating, but we are trying to work on it. 3) Do you ever try to make plans with someone and it just doesn’t seem to come together? My cousin and I had been trying for a month or longer! Yay! It came together today.

So my son did run off a lot. I had a bad mom moment where he slid into some shallow water. It was my fault. My daughter tried to take her nap way earlier than usual, falling asleep on the car ride there. So she was woke up mid nap and kind of off her schedule and game. I ended up having to carry her a lot. Despite all that it was still fun. It was just nice to be outside with my kids and one of my favorite people.

How was your weekend?





14 thoughts on “Here’s how this weekend went

  1. Oh my gosh Lacey, what a funny weekend ❤ Reading this warmed my heart … made me feel like a part of your family, actually.
    I'm in process of moving – moving out this coming week! So did that most of the weekend, and had some lovely friends come over to a) take stuff and b) hang out. Even did a yard sale. I go back and forth between doing pretty well and feeling pretty overwhelmed. And doing my very best to envelop it all with love!
    Blessings to you and your family, Lacey. Hope you have a good week ahead.

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    1. Moving is stressful even if it’s just down the street. I haven’t made a move as big as cross country, but I’d imagine I would be excited and overwhelmed too. I’ll be thinking about you this week and wishing you the easiest move possible. Can’t wait to hear about all your new adventures Debbie!

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  2. My children came down with viruses last week too while we were on a family trip. Sadly on the plane ride home my 18 mos fell into a full on seizure, her fever hit so hard and so sudden. Definitely, like you do with shallow water, I have found fifty ways to blame myself, but I have to remind myself not everything is completely preventable. That’s been my hard lesson in all my parenting experience I feel too much guilt and mom shame for every event big and small.

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      1. She is totally fine. I was blessed with two amazing medics on board who let me know I was doing all the right things (this was a repeat performance). They offered to turn the plane around but there is nothing more I can do in Houston TX homeless then at home with our docs and our families.

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      1. oh no!! That can really knock you out. Hope your have a sweet Thanksgiving however you manage (turkey sandwiches??!) And pray you’ll all be on your feet and back to your normal lively selves soon. Take care Lacey–wish I could bring you some turkey soup… hugs hugs.


  3. Its hard when kids fall sick and work gets piled up. Well I have passed all that and in grandma stage. Looking forward to my retirement very soon. I have been a full time housewife, so having done a lot of hard work now I am more doing from the head than hands and feet. Sill I am active. I keep a very neat house, gardening and a little cooking keeps me going physically. And lots of reading and studying to keep my mind active 🙂

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      1. Well life is a journey isn’t it, we don’t exactly choose a stage as such, one stage follows another. I believe the trick is to do the best we can, in each stage. Then when we look back we can be happy that we tried our best to our abilities, what ever the outcome maybe. Well I believe almost all of us deserve the retirement when it comes. Its a rest after a very energetic period, bringing up family, job or various jobs we do during all these stages. Thank you very much Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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