Magic happened last night at our house.

So a little Christmas magic happened at our house last night. If you are giving me the eye roll it’s okay. I know it’s a tad early, but we were in need of it around here. 1) I am kind of a bah-hum bug. 2) We missed our first round of Thanksgiving because everyone had a case of strep. So yeah. So much boooooooo happening here.

Last night I suggested to my husband that we should try to watch Polar Express. For reference our son is 4, obsessed with trains, and really excited about Christmas this year. My husband reminded me that we tried to watch it last year, and it totally flat lined with zero interest. I know I know I know, but we should try to it again I urged.

Captivated. Captivated and wide eyed from the start. Both kids. When the train pulled into the front yard my two year old daughter threw her arms in the air and yelled, “I. CANNOT. BELIEVE. IT!”

My son was on the edge of his seat through parts. Then there were scenes he could not stay in his seat for. He was so excited he’d jump up and run around the room. He narrated certain portions and talked out his feeling through other parts. This is especially impressive because he has a speech delay.

My poor daughter tried soooooo hard to stay awake but fell asleep RIGHT before Santa made his appearance. It was way passed bedtime when the movie was over, but my son was wound up with excitement. As soon as the credits started rolling he ran to his room and brought out all his trains to start building his Polar Express, still talking non-stop.

His dad and I talked him into laying down with me “for just a second”. He was out cold when his head hit the pillow. I was too. I woke up this morning snuggling my little guy, and I kid you not he was talking about the Polar Express in his sleep! He woke up running round the corner into the living room hollering about Santa and the conductor and the kids and the Polar Express.

I think we are all starting to feel better, and I think we have all been catapulted into the holiday spirit.








23 thoughts on “Magic happened last night at our house.

  1. Awe, that’s so sweet.I love the Polar Express! I hope you all are feeling better. I’m not sure if there are any steam locomotives near or where you live, but we have a couple where I’m from. Both of them offer a “polar express” ride. The kids get a golden ticket, they get to ride in their pajamas, they serve hot chocolate, and the final stop is “The North Pole” where the kids get to meet Santa. I thought you might be interested depending on where you’re from!

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  2. I wasn’t excited for Christmas for years, due to family conflict, I honestly didn’t have much hope that I would ever like it again. That person stole so much hope and joy from me, because I let her. But things are so different this year, I’m choosing to enjoy the chaos that comes with having 5 kids and a million places to be between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ll never get this time back with my children, family, and friends. So, I chose to LOVE Christmas again!!! I’m so excited for you, because the ages your children are at are so fun! So, let the memory making traditions start!!

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