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30 Things I am thankful for this year

  • God
  • My husband
  • My sister and brother graduating college next month. So proud!
  • My sister rescuing me twice the week when I didn’t feel well.
  • All my siblings
  • My parents
  • My son
  • My daughter
  • My grandmother
  • My dogs
  • Low gas prices
  • The election being over
  • Having a job that allows me to support my family but gives me time off to be with them
  • Having a job where I learn new things
  • Our new car
  • Every day things that I am used to and take for granted like running water and electricity
  • My new blogging hobby I started this year including my bloggging friends, community, and the Oklahoma City Moms Blog
  • The people I love even if I don’t get to see them often, friends, former co-workers, cousins
  • Reaching my goal weight
  • Joining a book club
  • My families needs and most of our wants are met.
  • My nieces and nephews
  • Aldi
  • Even though we do have health issues I am grateful for the health we do have and pray to continue to be better
  • Good coffee and green tea
  • Pepperollies, we had some yesterday!
  • Our house
  • Our garden and big yard and little pool
  • Nice weather
  • Good food

Happy Thaksgiving!

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