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My Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

Well really these aren’t my sweet potatoes at all, but it’s what I’ve brought to Thanksgiving the last few years. It’s the Boston Market copycat recipe. I, ironically, have never had the real thing to compare it to.

The copy cat recipe calls for the sweet potatoes to be baked. Then you mix them with heavy cream and brown sugar and cinnamon and bake with a two layered topping.  The first layer is like an oatmeal stussel and the second is mini marshmallows. So good!

So are in charge of the whole meal or contributing a dish like me?

Boston Market Sweet Potato Casserole





6 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

      1. Thanks Lacey, you too! ❤ It was just lovely. I visited friends in a place called Topanga, and we ate wonderful food & did a gratitude circle. 🙂 How was it for you and your family?


  1. Who doesn’t love sweet potatoes. We have an old family recipe from my aunt and it’s not Thanksgiving with her sweet potatoes. These sound fantastic Lacey!! How was your Thanksgiving?? Hope you had a chance to relax a bit and enjoy it all! xo

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    1. We were all still getting over from being sick. So it was short and sweet. I’m behind on my blog reading but hoping to catch up in the next few days! How was yours?


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