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Usborne Children’s Books

I few months ago a got a Facebook message from someone I went to high school with asking if I wanted an invite to an online children’s book party. Now you should know a few things about me. I support people having their own home sales businesses. I love Pampered Chef, and I used to buy Avon from a former co-worker every 2 weeks. But these days I don’t usually like sales parties, sales pitches, or feeling like I am being sold anything. I just don’t have disposable time or income or feeling like I’m being pressured to buy anything.

I am, however, a huge advocate of reading to my kiddos and love reading myself. Also I had heard of these new fangled “online” parties but had never “attended” one. My curiosity was peaked enough to check it out.

During the Facebook event time the book consultant posted different videos going through Usborne books. I have a 2 and 4 year old, but they have books for babies up to chapter books and beyond even. For each post the consultant asked a question or had you like the post, and for each time you participated you would be entered into a drawing for book prizes.

To be honest as an Amazon Prime addict I was going into this not really expecting much. I thought if there were books online I wanted I would find similar ones on Amazon to order. But my son is obsessed with trains, and there were so many unique books I found that I wanted to get him. There were age appropriate sticker books, flap books, how trains work books, and more. I settled on the Big Book of Big Trains which included fold outs. Then I bought I cheapy book for my daughter so she wouldn’t be left out. Not that she isn’t as important, but I wanted to see the quality of the books before going overboard.

The train book is way impressive, for me, the kids; heck they like to show it off to their friends. It is fun and informational. The big surprise though is that the cheapy Cats, Cats! book is just as big of a hit. It goes through describing different kinds of cats (fluffy cat, silly cat, hungry cat) with that last page being reflective. My son is starting to read more and likes the big descriptive print. Then everyone in the house has to be a cat when we get to the last page, even our dogs! When we read this book, we have to read it at least twice.

So I was sold and hooked on Usborne. There were so many more phonics books, dry erase books to help with learning to write, art books, train books, and more that I wanted to get my kids because I knew they would love them. The consultant asked if anyone else wanted to host an online party to earn free and half priced books. Since my wish list was long and I am a cheapskate, I signed right up. Again, I am not salesy AT ALL. This was a first for me, really weird and out of character. But the party was easy. It consisted of messaging and thanking my friends. I was able to get about 80% of wishlist for free. I would post pictures of those books that I earned through the party I hosted, but I’ve got them packed and hidden away for Christmas.

So now here I am loving these dang books to much that this non-sales person has signed up to sale them. Don’t unfollow my blog! I’m not going to turn into a spamming sales page, I promise. But I am just going to share this info here just in case anyone is interested in checking it out.

I am having my kickoff Facebook sales party this Thursday which will be a Mystery Hostess Party. That means anyone who makes a $20 purchase will be entered into a drawing and the winner will receive all the free and half books the party makes.

You can just shop for the books and still be in the running for the Mystery Hostess drawing. Shop at:

Or you can friend me on facebook ( )and I’ll send you an invite if you want to “attend” the online party. There will be chances to win more prizes if you attended the party.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any questions!




7 thoughts on “Usborne Children’s Books

  1. Love Usborne books! When we lived in Spain when our kids were small. there were no English bookstores in Seville, one store a little section of British Usborne and we were their best customers. My favorite Usborne illutrator is Stephen Cartwright. Have you seen his books?? I bought his First 100 words in Spanish (Usborne) for my Grand-girl for Christmas! Hope it all goes well Lacey! xo

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      1. Hi don’t seem them too often here. But my daughter has a friend who sells them up on SF. They are just such a nice quality–better than you can find at Barnes & Noble (our ONLY bookstore nearby). Happy reading at home! xox

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