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Well since nobody else has, I’ll weigh in on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Just kidding. I know everyone hasn’t stopped talking about it since this weekend, and I am actually late to the conversation. To be fair, spoiler alerts, duh. Also, this is just going to be kind of a more organized version of a Facebook comment conversation between two girlfriends and myself.

My inital thoughts right off the bat are that I loved the four season episode format. It was like coming home to be back in Stars Hollow with the characters. I’m glad the story line picked up in real time.

My friend was disappointed in Rory’s personal life. I actually appreciated that it seemed realistic. There have been so many times, more so in my later 20s than now, when I was frustrated and disappointed with expectations versus reality about where I pictured my life being. Also the more I thought about it, the more I decided Rory and Logan’s arrangment was not out of character for Rory. Think about Dean and Rory and Lindsay and Dean and Rory and Jess.

I’ve also read from some people that they thought the show tried to make too many people happy, with the exception of the ending. I disagree. With the circumstances, the way the 7th season didn’t end with the original writers, the amount of time that’s gone by since the series has ended, and the build up since the revival was announced, the fans were owed every single scrap the show had to offer in A Year in the Life.

That being said, fans also deserved a conclusion. After another friend posted this in our conversation, I don’t consider the ending a cliffhanger.

Let’s Talk About That <i>Gilmore Girls</i> Ending

If Netflix doesn’t  come out with any more episodes I will be satisfied that it ended with a parallel Rory/Logan/Jess and Lorelei/Christopher/Luke storyline. Also, Emily is ready to be a pretty badass great grandma. Side note: I liked her character’s development, and that Richard’s death was not just a moment touched upon but a theme dealt throughout.

If they do come back with more episodes I imagine there may be a question if it is or isn’t the wookie’s baby, even though the timing seems off. Really though Rory would be a person not to show for like 7 months, right? So there could be a whole season of who’s the dad and maybe the introduction  of a whole new character and story line.

Again, I’m okay if they don’t do anymore, but if they do I’d watch that shit. There’s also something to be said for knowing when to be done, finishing while something is still good. If you accept the baby is Logan’s, Rory has chosen to raise it alone, and Jess still has feelings for her though, you have your ending. And all that information was essentially in the Fall episode.

Anyway, that’s my take. What was yours?





15 thoughts on “Well since nobody else has, I’ll weigh in on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


    I thought it was well done. Perfect. It was realistic to Stars Hollow and realistic to life. I loved the parallels of Rory’s life to her moms, and I thought the ending was perfect.

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      1. That’s what I’ve been reading! I don’t understand. If you liked Gilmore Girls, you had to like the Year in the Life. It is 100% Gilmore Girls to a T. Amy Sherman-Palladino was well missed.

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      2. I think mainly people don’t like cliffhangers they know will never be resolved. Or there are a certain subset that don’t link cliffhangers PERIOD, especially in this day and age of getting everything at your fingertips instantly. But this was the most obscenely perfect cliffhanger, that left you satisfied! Ugh.

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  2. I’m feeling the same. Even though I knew it would end like that, I was still satisfied with it. I am definitely glad Rory had some struggles. It IS real. Would have liked to have seen Emily come a little further. Hated seeing her and Lorelai still at each other’s throats. Also wish their new arrangement was based on love and not on a new sum of money. Loved seeing all the characters again.

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    1. Ok now that you mention it Lorelie”s little speech after the funeral was annoying and so unnecessary to just start another feud between thehm. She never liked taking money from her parents so by the end it was her way of swallowing her pride and reconciling, but yeah I see your point about it being over money. nd not just because. Also I’m typing this from my phone and it may be a mess of a response. Sorry!


  3. Didn’t see if Lacey, but you’re making me want to turn on Netflix and track it down! I know my sis did the Gilmore Girl marathon watch in her pajamas (like a lot of other people!). thanks for clueing me in!

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    1. I think it’s a love it or hate it thing. I hear a lot of people say the first and last seasons are great, but they love the stuff in the middle. I consider it kind of a guilty pleasure. But if you watch it please let me know what you think!


      1. I will Lacey!! My guilty pleasure has been watching “This is us.” (family drama) Just watched the last episode last night with a super cliff hanger– have to wait til January to find out what happens!! hugs from here!

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