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I declare today Christmas movie day!

This may seem weird after my last post about Being a bah humbug mom, but the kids are being so sweet and excited about Christmas that it’s been contagious. Plus it’s cold and grey out. So we have a pot of soup on, and we are wearing our Jammies past noon. I think that makes for a perfect Christmas movie day.

I’m looking for suggestions please. Bonus points for anything that the kids will like and gives us a break from Polar Express, which has been played daily since watching it over Thanksgiving. Even though we do LOVE it, just looking for something different.

What are you and/or your family’s favorite holiday movies? Mine are Scrooged, The Family Stone, Flur Christmases, and I’m sure there’s more in forgetting.

19 thoughts on “I declare today Christmas movie day!

  1. The Santa Clause for sure, the original Grinch (it’s only 30 minutes long!), A Christmas Story, Home Alone…

    Also, I go on a crazy, rampagey argument every year with my fiancée about how Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie. 😁

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    1. We did watch the original grinch and it was perfect! Thank you.
      Also, this is the first year I’ve heard die hard is a Christmas movie and now I’ve been told that several times today.

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