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There are so many times I read Erin’s blog and I’m thinking “Oh she gets it.” or “Oh she gets me.” or “Oh that’s something to think about.” This post was no different.

I’ve posted about pre-kid judgmental me before. Really the fact is that for society to keep going, children will have to be apart of it. That means they will have to, you know, sometimes be in public spaces at inconvenient times. And I don’t care if you choose to have kids or not as long as if you choose to you try to take care of them.

A quick side note to add: yes I think parents today are scared to discipline their kids. Everything we do is judged under a microscope and considered to be traumatizing or abusive, not just spankings.

What are your thoughts?


I don’t know about you, but to me, it feels like there’s a growing divide in this country between parents and the “childfree.” The childfree set are tired of hearing they’re selfish and that’s understandable. For centuries, it’s been assumed that all right-thinking women are desperate to have babies and there must be something terribly wrong with […]

via 5 Points I Want The Childfree To Consider — Bubbles and Beebots

18 thoughts on “Reblog: 5 Points I Want The Childfree To Consider — Bubbles and Beebots

  1. Ooof, sorry, but I find this to be, oh, massively condescending.
    Should I also pretend all parents are the same? And they’re all the WORST? Like, they’re all the kinds of people who leave their kids in locked hot cars while they gamble and do drugs?
    No?I shouldn’t generalize?
    Yeah, probably shouldn’t do it about the “childfree” either.
    I’m not an asshole.
    Some parents are.
    Some people are.

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    1. That’s fair. I was reading it from all the times I’ve felt judgdedby non parents, but yeah you by are right. That would be just asgeneralizing as I was made to feel . Fair point.


  2. Hey Lacey– interesting to get their perspective– I had kids in an era when it was more “normal.” But our kids in SF are surrounded by people who don’t get married or want kids. It seems such a big shift to me. And I love being a mom so much, even now that the kids are all grown. It makes me feel sad for them… Interesting post!! xox

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    1. Thanks for reading Rhonda. Erin’s posts usually have me considering something. I don’t mind if people have kids or not, but I have seen a shift of people seeming to be annoyed that kids are just present in normal situations (not like 5 star dinners on Saturday nights). I know it’s not everyone and maybe I am more sensitive to it since mine are so little.


      1. I think it’s just a big cultural shift– more people opting to not have kids and seeing them as a negative. Have you read the book “All Joy, No Fun”? A pretty fair looks at people’s pros and cons of having kids. I’m all for the more kids, the better!! But I get it that not everyone wants that! I just think they are missing one of the greatest joys in life. I could really blabber on about this… But I”ll stop. Happy Christmas days friend!!

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      2. Haha blabber away! No I haven’t read that book, but I’d love to check it out. It sounds interesting.

        There was a time in my 20s when I thought I didn’t want kids. Then after getting married and having a health scare where I thought I may not be able to, I realized I really did. But I do look back and am grateful I had a change of heart. You are right it’s one of the greatest joys in life. I can’t believe I may have missed out on this.


      3. What a story Lacey– thankful you came through OK and have your sweet kids. It’s interesting how our lives can take twists and turns we never expected. WE have a few of those. Sure enjoy your blog and all your thoughts– Looking forward to reading on ahead… xox

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  3. Aw, thanks for the reblog! It’s reassuring that some of these point hit home with you too.

    The discipline thing is hard. You’re definitely judged under a microscope, as you said, and trying to raise your kids right while hearing about how all forms of control are hurting them. It can be paralyzingly, because the last thin we want to do is hurt our kids!

    I was trying to give some perspective from the point of view of the parent getting dirty looks while their kids are going insane. Worst thing is, I know I used to give parents those looks.

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    1. Yes same here. I was that person giving sideways looks at the store. And there is so much info and so many outlets to be judged. I realize that not ALL people without kids do this and feel this way. I just know how becoming a parent made me WAY less judgmental.

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      1. Oh yes, of course not! But it happens often enough that I thought it was worth discussing.

        It’s hard to feel the criticism from both sides (not having kids and hearing kids bad-mouthed). I wanted to share how things look different when you’re a parent because they make it look so easy on TV, right? You just have a reasonable discussion and the kid starts behaving, lol

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