Accidentally nailing it with my kids this Christmas!

Yeah that’s right. So far this holiday season I appear to be nailing it! It’s a total accident though. And maybe not an accident but more that my friends and family deserve as much credit and thanks as I can possibly ever give for making opportunities happen for my kiddos. It’s a big deal because I’m kind of bah hum bug mom

Pictured above is a birthday party for my best friend’s son where we took a train ride through a park filled with Christmas lights displays that ended with Chic-Fil-A and the best cupcakes ever.


Then my step mom and dad invited us to their small town Christmas parade that included a no wait and no picture purchase necessary visit with Santa (my kids’ first Santa visit by the way). My friend and her son were able to join us in case you are doing the math and wondering when I had a third child.

The kids were soooooo excited, but when it was time the boys were kind of star struck. My daughter was even excited but when we got up there she just gave one look that said it all, “Dude, it’s not going to happen. Don’t even try.” So I tried to jump in with her just to get her in a Santa picture. She barely was okay with that.



The biggest and most bad ass thing we’ve gotten to do was ride the Polar Express. If you read or remember my post from Thanksgiving, Magic happened last night at our house, you’ll know that the movie really resonated with my kiddos. Since then we have watched the Polar Express every day, and my kids have looked out the window every single night waiting for it to pull into our front yard.

My son has been talking about it so nonstop that when we went to the Christmas parade and passed a railroad crossing he got upset because he thought we were going to miss the Polar Express. Anytime we’ve left the house they’ve asked if it’s time to go to the North Pole. He must have bugged everyone at school too because the Polar Express book made it’s way home in his backpack.

So my 4 closest and longest friends got together and surprised our family with tickets to ride the real life Polar Express! It was the most thoughtful, generous, nicest thing that anyone has done. These woman made a Christmas dream come true for my children. I also mean that literally because my son has been talking about the Polar Express in his sleep! Seriously.

Last Saturday we loaded the kids in their jammies and made the drive to board the Polar Express. The kids feel asleep on the way. Pretty much when they woke, we boarded. As parents with two little kids it worked out so well for us too. We got a parking spot up close. Got our tickets. Boarded. Never waited in a line or got stuck in traffic. It was “meant to be” type timing on everything.

So enough about exciting parking spot. When we got on the train their excitement turned to silence. My son  sat down holding his golden ticket like he couldn’t believe it and whispered to his sister, “We’re on the Polar Express!” There were singing waiters, hot chocolate and cookies, dancing elves, Christmas carols, Santa Clause stopped and sat with us. We were in the moment and didn’t get a lot of that on camera, but take my word when I tell you we all had a good time. We are in Oklahoma. Snow is not a daily or even yearly occurrence, but on our ride back to the train station it even began to snow. It could not have been more perfect.


Lastly we had our first family Christmas celebration (1 down 3 more to go). Honestly since having kids the years up till now have been exhausting and chaotic during the holidays. The kids are off their schedule and just nuts. They end up sneaking 100 cookies and my husband and I spend the entire time just trying to make sure they don’t destroy whoever house we are in. Someone has an inconsolable meltdown, and we politely sneak out early so they’ll fall asleep on the way home.

This time though was different. This time was so fun. They were wild and crazy kids at a manageable level. There were even times my husband and I got to sit down and talk to other grownups while the kids played without trying to kill each other or burn the house down. I think we even ate sitting down. Talk about a Christmas miracle!

It’s taken awhile, but I’m excited about Christmas. I just want to soak up this sweet spot we seem to be with the kids where everything about it is exciting and magical. I want to thank my friends and family for making this year so special for our family. I want to wish everyone else a Merry Christmas.

10 thoughts on “Accidentally nailing it with my kids this Christmas!

  1. It certainly sounds like you all have been having an absolutely magical Christmas season! That sounds so amazing! I wish we had a Polar Express here. Id love to take my kids on something like that. Sounds like your little guy (and your daughter) had a blast! Merry Christmas!

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  2. Sounds like a really great time for your kids Lacey– We have lots of family gatherings too and our grown up kids love catching up with all their cousins this time of year. Loved all the photos– especially your little guy in his Santa hat!! Hope it was a sweet memorable Christmas for you all… hugs hugs!

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    1. It was so much fun. Last year was meltdown city with both kids anytime we went anywhere or did anything. So it was nice to actually enjoy the holiday activities this year.


      1. I guess there growing up! It’s just cool Lacey, that you found such fun things to do. We watched to Polar Express while the grand-girls were here– they would have loved the train! take care. hugs !

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