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Birthday AND Blogiversary

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So my birthday is tomorrow and the 1st anniversary of my blog is the following week. I usually wouldn’t mention my birthday, but I have noticed a lot of bloggers anniversaries fall around their own birthdays. I thought mine was because it’s around the first of the year, but I kind of think there maybe more to this. I’m sure before most of us start blogging we think about it for a good while before hand. Maybe we get up the guts to start posting around a time when we are being celebrated? Maybe it marks a time for change? I don’t know, but I’d be curious to know from fellow bloggers when your blog’s anniversary it and why you chose to start when you did?

I did have a purpose when I started BigAndPinkyToes the blog. I had an idea for a cookbook but no platform. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to have enough material for my cookbook idea and an ongoing blog. So I started posting about all sorts of aspects of my life: being a mom, work, what I’m reading, what we are watching. When I started I had a goal to publish 2 posts a week for a year just to see what happens. I have a very rough draft of the cook book. That will probably be on a project for a while. But I was also invited to be a contributing writer for My Trending Stories and Oklahoma City Moms Blog.

In I do what I want. . . regarding my blog I write about how I know niche writing is the advice to be received. However, I have so much more I want to write about and don’t want to restrict myself. I think over time my blog will eventually narrow focus on it’s own, or maybe not. Either way I’m good with it. I’ve learned blogging isn’t about going viral or the numbers of followers. I can honestly say I have people that even though I haven’t meet them, I consider them to be my friends on here. And through my blog I am learning new skills and growing.

I kept my goal of averaging 2 posts a week. Due to time management though for this year I’m going to go to 1 post a week knowing I’ll probably do more. But life as a mom with 2 little humans happens, and sometimes I need some wiggle room. I’ll only continue to write on my blog and the moms blog site, probably not My Trending Stories. I’d also like to get recipe cards added to my food posts and work on better pictures for all posts.

I really feel humbled and grateful when anyone takes time out of their day to read anything I’ve put out into the world. So thank you so much for any time you’ve clicked on, liked, commented, or shared anything from my little blog. I appreciate it more than you’ll know.

When I think of my blog I think of it in 3 categories I tend to post about: Food, Family, and Other Good Stuff. You’ve probably noticed at the top are my best performing posts from each category. Reading through the titles of these makes me laugh. I love all of these but put together on a list really does show me I’m a mess bouncing all over the place. Like I said, I’m okay with it though.

Thanks again friends, and have a great rest of your week.birthday-1828282_1280




22 thoughts on “Birthday AND Blogiversary

  1. Yay, Lacey! Happy birthday, love, and happy blogversary too! Your blog is awesome, whether it’s niche or not, and you definitely have a friend in me. 🙂

    Lots of love, and blessings to your 2017 blogs exactly as they are. Debbie xo

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  2. Happy BIRTHDAY and BLOGIVERSARY! Woohoo! I love your perspective, Lacey! It’s such a good reminder… blogging is a wonderful thing and NOT because of a certain number of followers, popular posts, etc. … It’s about the personal development, recording of memories, sharing joys (and sometimes heartache), being a part of a community, having a platform creativity, and I have SO enjoyed following along yours. So glad you are here! I am excited to see what the year brings for you!

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  3. Happy belated Birthday Lacey, I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and that you were spoiled 🙂 and Happy Blogiversary !!! I really enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts. It always is a lovely surprise to see what your post will be about 🙂 . I am so pleased to have connected with you. Happy writing, blogging and doing your cookbook. 🙂 x

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  4. Yes! This is a reason to celebrate Lacey!! I guess I wasn’t paying attention, but it seems like you’ve been blogging more than a year! I have to say I love how warm and friendly and inviting your posts are. I think people reading would love to have you for a next door neighbor friend. And good goals ahead– small improvements and what works for your family– (I would like to do recipe cards too, but have no idea how. I’ll have to ask my daughter for help!) All that to say, love your blog and the ways you reach out to people. Looking forward to reading all you write coming up… hugs hugs!


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