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A Breakup Letter To My 20s

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Dear 20s,

Sooooo ummmm we really had fun. I mean we may have had too much fun even. I know during our time together I went to school and got a degree and worked my tail off. But I also know that we tested the endurance of my liver, and to be honest, really I am glad we made it out of that decade alive.

The thing of it is somewhere along the way I have become settled in with my relationship with my early-mid 30s. I’m not even sure when it happened to be honest. After my most recent birthday, I kinda looked around and realized that I am not in a battle with any of my demons you and I were fighting together. I feel secure. I feel safe.

My 30s have brought security in all forms, with myself, relationships with those I love, finances, living situations. The people I spend my time with are mostly family or very dear friends. I enjoy putting thought into the food I eat or the way I spend my downtime.

Okay and here’s the weird thing. I was younger and prettier and had a better body during our time together. A few weeks ago I looked in the mirror and saw faint lines across my forehead that didn’t go away when I stopped wrinkling my face. Β Even though I am down to my pre-baby weight, I have a lower belly mom pooch that is just probably going to be a part of who I am from here on out. And you know what, 20s? I really don’t care. Those are not the things that make me feel self-conscience anymore.

Sometimes Β I think that what my 30s and I have can be compared to what we had. During my recent birthday celebration, I realized just how different our relationships are though. I was completely okay with the wildest part of the festivities being me trying to choose which exotically infused balsamic vinegar I should pick out at the gourmet food store and then going to eat some badass tacos. Not only was I okay with it, but I was happy.

I’m not hating on you, 20s. We weren’t only a bunch of good times. Β I learned from you, met my husband, made life long friendships. I am grateful for everything you taught me. I will always look back on our nutty, nutty shenanigans fondly, and those will always be some of the best times of my life. Even so, I thought I should let you know that I am not holding onto you any longer. I’ve moved on, and I don’t miss you anymore.


Perfectly Content Lacey


Submitting as part of the Forgiving Fridays series on forgivingconnects.com.

27 thoughts on “A Breakup Letter To My 20s

  1. Aw, I feel the same way. The twenties are fun, but they’re better on paper… I find the thirties better because you’re still young (not to teenagers, but in the grand scheme of things) and also have more security, self-awareness, a broader perspective. I find the little things don’t bother as much as they used to. The thirties are great.

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  2. Although my 20’s are not over I feel it has been so far a time of many challenges and uncertainty. Advice I am often given is as you become more confident with who you are and all the messy younger years are out of the way you can truly be contented. That comes with time. I am looking forward to the new set of lessons my 30’s has in store

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  3. I love this Lacey! I could resonate with your post even with the ” lower belly mom pooch “, LOL! Haaay.. I used to be conscious of my physical appearance, now I’m more concern with health. (I guess that happens once we get ourselves spouse, hehe!) πŸ™‚

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  4. Hey Lacey– great post! So inventive and smart and just fun! The twenties were also great because they made you the person you are now– great mom, dear friend to people around you, bright thinker. And who knows, maybe the 40’s will be better yet!! (I’m personally loving my 60’s– so much time for long lunches with friends, time to read and learn and hang out with our kids). You are amazing. Thanks for your cleverly expressed thoughts! hugs!

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    1. OH Rhonda thank you so much! This did have me wondering if every phase was going to have it’s own sort of flavor or if it kind of balances out. You make me look forward to the 60s for sure.


  5. Wow Lacey this is magnificent! I love the combination of accepting and appreciating yourself at that time, and letting go and moving on. You have such a beautiful self-compassion πŸ’œπŸ’œ

    My spiritual teacher says to use everything for my learning. Powerful, huh? I’m honored to contribute this #ForgivingFridays! Love to you Lacey. What a great mom you are to yourself.. Debbie

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